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Brittany Maynard Defends Her Decision To End Her Life

Wed, October 15, 2014 10:35am EDT by 9 Comments
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Brittany Maynard is so brave. In a new interview, the twenty-nine-year-old defends her decision to die with dignity after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer saying, ‘to have control of my own mind, which I would stand to lose — to go with dignity is less terrifying.’

Brittany Maynard, 29, is speaking out and revealing why she is choosing to die with dignity on Nov. 1, after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. In a new interview with People, she heartbreakingly revealed, “I’m choosing to suffer less, to put myself and my family through less pain.”

Brittany Maynard Brain Cancer — Defends Her Choice To Die With Dignity

Brittany revealed to the publication that she had never imagined that she would become a national symbol for any cause. The beautiful former teacher became a viral sensation when she released a six-minute video on Oct. 6, with Compassion & Choices — an advocacy agency that fights for nationwide access to end-of-life laws — her video now has over seven million views.

After receiving her diagnosis Brittany revealed that she and her family, “read more scholarly articles on my disease than anyone would care to,” she said, “We had stacks of paper everywhere. We were searching for a miracle and willing to travel out of the country. But there was nothing.”

Brittany Maynard: People Defend Her Decision To Die

Brittany and her family then packed up and moved to Oregon which was the first state to pass the right-to-die law. She revealed that she chose her date, Nov. 1, — which is just days after her husband, Dan Diaz‘s birthday and a few weeks before her own– because, “The idea of celebrating my 30th birthday after getting this diagnosis, would be difficult.”

She revealed that Nov. 1, is not set in stone and that if it is a good day she will hold off. However, Brittany also said that she is ready. “I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by love.” She said that if Nov. 1, goes as planned she will be surrounded by Dan, her best friend, her mother, Debbie Ziegler and her step-father, Gary Holmes, who will, “pull apart 100 capsules of the sedative secobarbital, dissolve them in water, drink it — and slip into a final irreversible sleep.”

Dan told the publication what Brittany has said to him, “She’ll say, ‘I want you to find job — and please take care of my dogs.'” Dan then broke down saying, “I know I’m going to be heartbroken. But to dwell on that today means I’d ruin today. I just want to be with Brittany and enjoy our time now.”

“My cancer is going to kill me, and it’s a terrible, terrible way to die. So to be able to die with my family with me, to have control of my own mind, which I would stand to lose — to go with dignity is less terrifying,” Brittany said. “When I look into both options I have to die, I feel this is far more humane.”

Brittany Maynard, 29, Explains: Why I Choose To Die

As previously reported, Brittany explained in a blog why she was choosing to die on her own terms. “I’ve had the medication for weeks. I am not suicidal. If I were, I would have consumed that medication long ago,” she said. “I do not want to die. But I am dying. And I want to die on my own terms.”

Brittany was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in April, after she had originally gone to see the doctor after suffering from headaches. Before her diagnosis — where she was given just six months to live — she and her husband Dan were trying to get pregnant and start a family.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you support Brittany’s choice to end her life on her own terms? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Caitlin Beck

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