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‘Are You The One’ Recap: The 11th Girl Heads Into Truth Booth — Is She Safe?

Mon, October 13, 2014 11:15pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister Add first Comment

‘Are You The One’ is back with week two of Season 2, and the hookups are heating up and the emotions are running high so let’s raise our handles and get right into your recap — in the words of Tyler Pratt, ‘To good friends, and the sh*t that we will not ever remember!’

Are You The One premiered on Oct. 6 to a whole lotta drama, and week numero dos on the island is no exception. In fact, the drunken debacles of young-adult hookups only get worse. (Or better? Depends who’s talkin’!)

‘Are You The One’: The 11th Girl Heats Up

On the Season 2 premiere, the ladies weren’t too happy with the eleventh girl, Christina, 24, and anyone who’s crushin’ on Brandon, 25, isn’t going to be happy with her this week either.

“He’s the ying to my yang.” Yep, she really said that. And yep, Christina and Brandon really hooked up in the pool. And then in bed. Complete with Big Brother-esque lighting. And it worked. “I can really see a future with this girl.”

The guys are put to the test with their first challenge of the episode — digging up screen-printed fabric in heart-shaped-sand castles and then matching up the quotes with the lady who once uttered it — and Brandon came in third place, choosing Christina for his winning “dream date,” zip-lining.

(Side note: Pratt, 23, and Dario, 21, told me exclusively that the challenges were the only time the cast wasn’t drunk at filming.)

The Mismatches Get Awkward

Not everyone was as lucky as Christina and Brandon. Tyler, 21, hits on Alex, and he doesn’t repay the feelings. She’s the first crier of the episode. (#YAAAAAASS.)

Dario steals Shelby, 21, away from Nathan, 21, who came on way too strong anyway, but Big D insists he’s not breaking guy code — he just can’t get over dat booty. So it’s totally allowed.

Fast-forward about 15 minutes, and Dario is hammocking with Ellie, 23.

Layton, 25, makes out with Jenni, 22, early on in the episode, but then Jessica, 22, decides that Layton should be hers. It doesn’t really work (she says she wants to “f***” him, but he denies her), but the light-beam ceremony ends up being ladies choice and Jess chooses him. Jenni is so not intimidated.

Meanwhile, Briana, 21, confides in Curtis, 24, and tells him that she was “supposed to be a mom,” but she had a miscarriage. Curtis proves to be in this game for more than money — he’s super supportive of Briana and is the first houseguest to display any bit of maturity within himself. Later on, he even says that they’re the couple of the house that everyone looks up to. Whoa.

Christina & Brandon Head Into The Truth Booth

After a lovey-dovey rendezvous from the pool to the bed to the forest, Christina and Brandon are convinced they’re a match and the house actually votes to send them into the truth booth. (Are they crazy? She’s the eleventh girl!!!)

Well, turns out, they’re not a match and Brandon is f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g out. “I honestly don’t care what this thing says…It doesn’t matter…She is my match.”

Even later on at the beam ceremony, Brandon insists that he’s not moving on from Christina. He’s going to keep pursuing, even though they have no chance. (On this show, at least.)

Brandon’s sob story taught Pratt and Paris, 22, a little lesson: they shouldn’t trust the truth booth. So naturally, they head upstairs and have sex. Because they’re listening to their hearts, obviously.

Shelby Shines Nathan At The Beam Ceremony

When it’s time for the light ceremony, Jessica chooses Layton, as mentioned above.

Shelby chooses Dario (gasp!) and Nathan is pissed. He’s even more dunzo when Dario grabs Shelby and makes out with her right in front of him. “Yeah, that just happened,” says Shelby. So wise.

In the biggest duh moment of the night, Paris chooses Pratt.

Jasmine, 22, chooses Garland, 22; Ashley, 21, chooses John, 22; Tyler chooses Brandon who is not too pleased (sorry, dude, but Christina already mismatched you in the truth booth); Ellie chooses Alex; Alex chooses Anthony; Jenni chooses Nathan; and Briana chooses Curtis.

In the end, only two couples are matched up correctly — no improvement from last week.

It’s only week two so if you’re a little lost with these crazy kids, here’s a refresher: meet the cast!

HollywoodLifers, are you shocked that Christina and Brandon aren’t a match? Do you have a favorite couple yet? Plus, be honest — do you think we need subtitles for Ellie? (I can’t understand her.)

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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