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‘Stalker’ Premiere: Dylan McDermott Reveals Shocking Twist In Thriller

Thu, October 2, 2014 12:57am EDT by 1 Comment
Courtesy of CBS

‘Stalker’ premiered on Oct. 1 — and the first episode was amazing! To celebrate the creepy-but-awesome show’s debut, star Dylan McDermott spilled tons of show secrets to us!

In Stalker, Dylan McDermott, 52, and Maggie Q35, play detectives who investigate stalking crimes. Dylan is amazing as Detective Jack Larsen, who may or may not be the great guy he’s pretending to be. The hot actor spilled ALL his secrets EXCLUSIVELY to!

‘Stalker’ Premiere: Dylan McDermott Reveals Shocking Twist in Suspense Thriller

Read our interview with Dylan right here! 

First, Dylan had one word (and one letter) to describe why Stalker is the best show of the season. “Maggie Q.,” he told us when we asked him why the show’s so great. Aww! He also spilled what attracted him to the script. 

Number one, you have to start with Kevin Williamson. I think that he’s proven himself on television in many ways, and even in movies. I think he’s a great creator and those are the people that I want to work with. I try to surround myself with — whether it be Ryan Murphy or David E. Kelly — the best on television, and certainly, he’s right there. And then Maggie…with her, it makes it an easy ‘yes.'” 

Dylan also told us how he identifies with his character, Detective Jack Larsen.

“I’m a former detective from New York, and I go to Los Angeles to find my wife and kid, and then I get involved with a stalker unit there there so it’s interesting because I’m, in some degree, stalking my ex-wife and child because they fled from me — that’s kind of the twist on the show, and I thought that was really interesting. And his whole backstory on why he left and what he’s trying to change, all those things, I think that I relate to in a way. I don’t want to get to deep, but as we evolve, we’re trying to change, and I think he probably knows that he’s probably messed up in his life and he wants to change,” he spilled.

The show deals a lot with cyber stalking. Which, in the days of Twitter and all-things social media, is a serious problem. Here’s what Dylan had to say about that.

“I think it has to become a real threat — that’s the problem with stalking cases. You can have someone following you all day long, show up to your house, they can be around you and call you, but you really can’t prosecute that until they do something,” he said.

Did YOU watch the Stalker premiere, HollywoodLifers? Did you like the show? Let us know!

— Megan Ross, Reporting by Elizabeth Wagmeister

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