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‘Teen Mom 2’ Finale: Barbara Finally Agrees To Give Jace Back To Jenelle

Wed, October 1, 2014 11:00pm EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments

As season 5B of ‘Teen Mom 2’ comes to a wrap, there are lots of changes for Leah, Kailyn, Chelsea, and especially Jenelle. What will happen when she finally confronts her mom, Barbara, about taking Jace back?

On the Oct. 1 season finale of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans, 22, finally finds the courage to ask her mom, Barbara Evans, to give her back custody of her first son, Jace Evans, now 4. Meanwhile, Leah Messer, 22, desperately tries to make amends with her ex-husband, Corey Simms, over their custody battle for the twins, Ali and Aleeah, 4. Also, Kailyn Lowry, 22, finally gets her son, Isaac Rivera, back after six weeks apart, and Chelsea Houska, 22, looks for a new boyfriend while trying out speed dating.

Jenelle Decides To Ask Barbara To Give Jace Back

You can tell that the custody battle over Jace is really starting to get to Jenelle. The sad part? It’s not even really a battle just yet.

The more she thinks and talks about it, the more she wants her son back, but the problem is she knows her mom, Barbara, is not ready to let Jace go just yet.

Proving that she truly has matured before our very eyes, Jenelle plans to have a sit down discussion with Barbara about Jace’s future. Nathan comes along for “moral support,” but he’s concerned about Barbara starting a fight with him again. She even sends Jace to a friend’s house so that he can’t overhear the conversation between her and Barbara.

Jenelle gives Barbara a well prepared speech about how she’s changed and how it’s time for her to get Jace back. Barbara is responsive, but things quickly take a turn when one of the things she mentions as a concern is Nathan’s drinking. Those two do not get along, and this finale is no exception. Nathan soon storms out of the room with Kaiser in his arms, and Jenelle is devastated that a conversation that was going so well has taken a turn for the worse.

When things calm down, Nathan eventually returns, and the conversation remains civil. Well, sort of. Through tears, Barbara agrees to give Jace back to Jenelle after he finishes his school year. All she wants is for Jenelle to buy a house, research schools in her neighborhood, and they can slowly transition him into a new home.

However, Barbara breaks down in tears when she tells Jenelle that things are different now. She’s proud of Jenelle because she’s grown up, she’s an adult, and Barbara even admits that she thought Jenelle would be dead by now because of her drug addiction.

Instead, Barbara gets to see her daughter flourish, and because of that she now has to return her son to his mother.

Leah Practically Begs Corey Not To Take The Girls Away

Things are still really tense between Leah and Corey since they came face-to-face over getting legal custody of the girls. In hopes of keeping the peace, Leah invites Miranda to one of Ali’s therapy appointments so that they can see that she really is taking them when they are scheduled to be there.

Even with all of the drama, Leah gets some good news: Ali’s wheelchair has finally been approved! This means she will get the custom motorized wheelchair she has been waiting for for months, and she can return the loaner her therapist gave her to use.

During the doctors visit, Dr. Tsao tells Leah and Miranda that Ali should be able to keep walking for at least 15 – 25 years. Leah seems to understand this instantly, but Miranda looks heartbroken by the news. Could this be because Corey has been in denial over Ali’s muscular dystrophy?

Speaking of Corey, after the doctors appointment Leah plans to meet him for lunch so that they can work on their communication. Corey tells Leah he wants what is best for the girls, and Leah tells him it’s a slap in the face that he thinks she can’t take care of them. She even mentions that she’s a stay at home and taking care of the girls is all she knows. The whole conversation is heartbreaking.

The bottom line, according to Corey, is that he wants more time with the girls. Whether it be full custody or longer visitation hours, he misses his girls and wants to help raise them. It hurts for Leah to hear this, but she can’t argue his points — and she doesn’t.

Kailyn Gets Upset After Jo Calls Her A Racist

Well, Jo is still really pissed about Kailyn’s comments about the haircut he gave Isaac. Thankfully, he’s trying to be an adult about it — even while his girlfriend, Vee, is calling Kailyn ignorant. Um, I thought they were all friends again?

The good news is that it’s finally time for Jo to return home to Kailyn and Javi, and it’s clear she couldn’t be more excited about it. When Isaac sees Kailyn for the first time in six weeks he goes running towards her so she can pick him up in a big hug. So cute!

However, it’s not over yet. Jo and Kailyn set up a sit down about the incident, but Jo completely blind sides Kailyn when he asks her what sort of thoughts she is putting in his son’s head about the way he should look or dress because he is half-white. The entire situation is very awkward, and Kailyn quickly gets defensive before storming out of the restaurant. Yikes.

Kailyn brings up the conversation with Javi, who is also Spanish like Jo, and he tells her he does not think that she’s a racist. This is definitely reassuring for her, but you can tell that Kailyn is still really upset by Jo’s comments.

Hopefully these two will work out their differences, because they were doing so well when they were on the same page.

Chelsea Thinks It’s Time To Find Herself A Boyfriend

No matter what is going on with her ex, Adam’s, legal troubles, Chelsea is ready to have some fun with her friends.

After her friend, Chelsey Grace, suggests that they go speed dating, Chelsea thinks she’s crazy. But then, of course, she agrees to the idea!

Chelsea’s attempt at speed dating his hilarious from the start. She sees a handful of guys, and they are all so completely different from each other it’s hard to describe them. One guy jokes about being a cosmetologist, another one tells her to eat a mint, and it’s safe to say that Chelsea won’t be hanging out with any of these guys any time soon.

When Chelsea returns home and picks up Aubree, she finds out that Adam is back in jail. Yes, again. Have you lost count? Because I sure have.

Chelsea has another discussion with her dad, Randy, and plans to visit a lawyer and change the limitations on their visitation agreement. Chelsea wants a curfew for Adam when he has Aubree, and she also wants to make sure he is not driving with her in the car.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What did YOU think about the Teen Mom 2 season finale? Is it time for Jenelle to have Jace back? Do you think Leah will lose the girls to Corey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

— Lauren Cox

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