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‘Happyland’: Ryan Rottman Teases Love Octagon In MTV’s Teen Dramedy

Tue, September 30, 2014 8:02pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 3 Comments

‘Happyland’ is MTV’s latest dramedy, and if you couldn’t guess, it’s actually not so happy. In the first episode, two teens wind up making out, only to find out that they might be brother and sister! Click to WATCH a sneak peek, plus check out our exclusive interview with star Ryan Rottman.

Ryan Rottman plays the tough guy in Happyland, and although he doesn’t have a love interest “so far” in the series, the actor, 30, tells that he’s indirectly part of the love octagon. Yep, forget about love triangles — it’s a wild ride, which Ryan refers to as a “cesspool of hookups.”

‘Happyland’: Teens End Up In A Roller Coaster Of Hookups At Amusement Park

If you thought love was tricky, try falling for it in an amusement park.

MTV’s brand new series Happyland finds a group of teens who live and work at an amusement park. Sounds like a wild ride of hookups, alcohol and drama, doesn’t it?

“My character keeps it all together,” Ryan Rottman tells EXCLUSIVELY of Theodore whose family runs the park. “There’s this big twist between Lucy (Bianca A. SantosThe Fosters) and Ian (Shane HarperAwkward) — could they be brother and sister, if they kiss? That kind of drives the season, and I’m kind of the glue that keeps everything together from imploding.”

We hung out with the entire cast at the Santa Monica Pier, Calif., before the show premiered, and everyone but Ryan promises that they get involved in a mess of hookups and mishaps, including Lucy and Harper (Katherine McNamara) whose friendship is tested over an ex when girl-code is kinda-sorta broken.

“I see myself as a chess master,” Ryan adds. Theo is the only character who doesn’t fall into the love trap, given that he’s their boss. “I move all of the employees and the characters around the way that I see fit…babysitting these kids is a full-time job.”

He also confesses that his character knows all of the secrets — including a dead guy at the park! — that are unveiled through the “jealously” and “bickering” of the season.

Ryan Rottman Channelled Scott Disick To Land His Role

“I get to kind of be a hard ass,” Ryan exclusively tells “People are going to have a love-hate relationship with my character.”

If you’re having trouble visualizing Ryan’s character, think of Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Scott Disick.

“They were like, ‘Do you know who Scott Disick is?'” Ryan says, as he reminisces on his audition. The casting team told him to channel the Lord, and well, he got the part.

Unlike Kourtney Kardashian‘s baby daddy, Theo turns out to really care about others. At first, he’s “just an ass,” Ryan says, but then, viewers will see that there’s a method to his madness. “I’m the sound of reason and I’m doing it because it helps the park…and I’m watching out for these people.”

Happyland premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 30 (11/10c) on MTV.

HollywoodLifers, are you looking forward to Happyland? Let us know if you’ll be tuning in!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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