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‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah & Corey’s Custody Battle Brews In The Courtroom

Wed, September 24, 2014 11:03pm EDT by Lauren Cox 56 Comments

The day is finally here, Leah and Corey are going head-to-head in the courtroom over custody of their twins, Ali and Aleeah, on the latest episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

On the Sept. 23 episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer, 22, faces her worst nightmare as her ex, Corey Simms, pleas with a judge to take full custody of their 4-year-old daughters, Ali and Aleeah Simms. Meanwhile, Jenelle Evans, 22, is conflicted about taking her mom, Barbara Evans, to court to fight for custody of her first child, Jace, 4, while Kailyn Lowry, 22, finds herself completely lost without her son, Isaac Rivera, 4, for six whole weeks while he visits his father.

Jenelle Is Still Unsure About Getting Custody Of Jace Back

It’s fun watching Jenelle and Nathan take care of Kaiser during his first few days home — especially when he straight up pees on them during a diaper change. Too funny! I guess they didn’t register for a pee-pee tent.

Even while caring for their newborn, Jenelle is worried about her custody situation with her mom, Barbara, over her first son, Jace. She’s exhausted, but she’s putting Jace and the quality time they need to spend together first. This alone is a huge, huge change for Jenelle, isn’t it?

One of the sweetest moments of the episode is when Jenelle, Nathan, and Jace lay in bed together and watch Kaiser. Jace has a lot of questions about Kaiser, and Jenelle is happy to answer all of them. It’s so cute to see him fascinated by his baby brother!

‘Teen Mom 2’: Corey Shouldn’t Be Trying To Take The Twins From Leah

Later that night, it’s Nathan who gets up in the middle of the night to care for Kaiser while Jenelle and Jace sleep. When Jenelle wakes up to find her boyfriend feeding their super cute baby boy, they share a sweet moment before she falls right back asleep at Jace’s side.

Unfortunately, the romance ends quickly because Nathan brings up the idea of them taking custody of Jace once again. They don’t seem to see eye-to-eye on it yet, because Nathan is in a hurry to take him, but Jenelle thinks they need to buy a house and settle down now that Kaiser is finally here.

When will Jenelle finally make a decision about taking Jace back?

Leah Fears She May Lose The Girls To Corey In Court

Now that Leah and Corey’s custody battle over the twins has escalated, she’s completely overwhelmed. The idea of losing the two little girls she has dedicated her life to is far too much for her to deal with, and Jeremy being out of town during this difficult time certainly isn’t helping.

Leah’s step-dad stops by to offer her some support and advice in regards to the legal drama, but she’s still concerned that he could really end up taking full custody of Ali and Aleeah. She breaks down emotionally when her step-dad tells her that difficult times are going to come, because she can’t seem to find an end to hers.

Meanwhile, Corey meets with his parents to discuss his side of the custody battle. He admits that he doesn’t believe Leah and Jeremy are stable enough to care for the girls properly, which is a bit of a low blow. However, despite everything, it is clear that he really just wants the best for Ali and Aleeah. Only time will tell what happens once these two come face-to-face in court.

When the court day comes, things are tense. Even my shoulders hurt and I’m not even there, I’m just watching. Eek.

However, the judge decides not to make a decision — and instead appoints an attorney as a guardian to the girls. This means the attorney will have to interview both parents and all of the girls’ teachers and medical professionals to help the judge come to a decision about who they belong with full-time.

This custody battle sounds like it has only just begun, doesn’t it?

Kailyn Is Lost Without Isaac While He Visits His Dad

It’s Kai’s first time being away from Isaac for a long period of time. As you know, she has full custody of him, and his father, Jo, only gets him on weekends. Even though it’s nice for Kailyn and her husband, Javi, to get a break as they are raising their infant son, Lincoln, things are definitely strange in their home without little Isaac running around.

Making matters worse, Jo is not responsive to most of Kailyn’s calls and Facetime attempts. She’s really struggling with being away from him, so the least he could do is pick up the phone and let their son check in, right? Geez.

In happier news, Kailyn is really excited about going back to school. Before the family leaves on their vacation, they stop by Delaware State University for a tour of the campus. The school is perfect for her because it has an on-campus daycare as well as commuter lounges she can study in in-between classes.

Once they are finally on vacation, Kailyn can’t help but wonder and worry about Isaac. She also makes no effort to hide that she is upset he wasn’t able to come with them, and she partially blames it on his father, Jo.

Chelsea Thinks Adam’s Legal Woes Will Affect Visitations

As far as work goes, Chelsea seems to be doing EXCEPTIONALLY well. She has really found her calling, and it shows as she and her boss spend some quality time together after working on a wedding together.

Unfortunately, things take a turn when Chelsea finds out that her ex, Adam Lind, was arrested for a second time while he was supposed to be spending time with their daughter, Aubree. This makes the wheels turn in Chelsea’s head, and she’s really concerned about her visitation agreement with Adam, and she’s debating bringing their custody battle back to court once again.

To get more information about Adam’s troubles, Chelsea manages to get a copy of his rap sheet. It doesn’t actually tell her anything she doesn’t know, but at least now she has his court dates so that she can talk to a lawyer and re-think her custody rights.

For probably the first time ever, Chelsea’s dad disagrees with her idea and tells her that she needs to wait. He might actually be right, too!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Should Jenelle take Jace back already? Is Corey right to fight for custody of the twins? Comment below with your thoughts on this explosive episode!


— Lauren Cox

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