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‘The Blacklist’ Spoilers: James Spader Teases New Criminals In Season 2

Mon, September 22, 2014 8:46pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 1 Comment

‘The Blacklist’ returns with its highly anticipated second season on Sept. 22, and star James Spader reveals what’s next for Red. He promises, nothing is ‘as simple as it may appear.’ Click for his EXCLUSIVE interview!

He’s baaaaack. James Spader tells what to expect in Season 2 of his hit action-packed drama The Blacklist. Why did Reddington turn himself in? Is he Liz’s (Megan Boone) father? Will he interact with Berlin this season? Plus, WATCH a sneak peak of the brand new episodes — Lord Baltimore is coming after his next target: Red.

‘The Blacklist’: James Spader Teases Action, Danger & Drama In Season 2 Part of us wants to believe Red is Liz’s father, but this is The Blacklist, so what can we expect from that part of the story when we return?

James Spader: “You probably won’t. We are shooting episode 4 right now, and that story has not been extrapolated on. That is seeming to just let percolate for a little bit, but the other thing to remember is that Elizabeth Keen has spoken of a memory of being in a fire when she was a child and somebody pulling her out of that fire. But she may be assuming that it is her father, but we’ve never said whether it is her father or not.”

Why exactly did Red turn himself in last season? Was it to protect Liz?

“He had moved sort of past the point where he was allowing her to sort of discover what discoveries she might make on her own about her husband, the nature of the relationship between the two of them, and who her husband really was. And when it became clear that Reddington needed to divulge a little bit more of what his knowledge was about her husband, he spoke to the fact that the timing of him turning himself into the FBI was also a part of it, but it was for many reasons. But one of those reasons was the fact that he felt that the relationship between she and her husband had reached a point where he was concerned for her safety and wellbeing, and that he felt that it was necessary to make contact with her.”

Did Red feel that he needed his own protection?

“He has been just fine, in terms of protecting himself, for some decades now…and actually I think he probably finds it easier to protect himself when he is on the move and not sort of living his life and conducting his business within the parameters and confines of also having an association with the FBI. So I don’t think protection has ever been a part of it, but I do think that circumstances of which there are many had reached a sort of tipping point where he felt that he needed to first of all, make tangible contact with Elizabeth Keen, but then also the avenues that would be open to him by an association with the FBI were necessary considering what he saw in the near future.”

What is his feeling about working with the FBI, going forward? Will he be as cooperative as he was last season?

“You know, he just has to conduct his relations with the FBI in a very different manner considering the events of last year.”

Mary Louise Parker is a guest character, Naomi, this season. How is she tied to Red?

It is someone from his past and a very complicated relationship. And she is someone who has been living a very different life away from him and so on and so forth, and the events of the day have dragged her back into [his life].”

Can we expect Red and Berlin to share any scenes together soon in Season 2?

“Yes, we’ve already shot a couple.”

What will the dynamic be between the two of them?


In Season 2, will Red still be facing different kinds of criminals that he has connections to on a weekly basis?
“Yes. And some of them are connected to sort of a longer story and the bigger story, and some of them are connected to some things much more immediate.”Have the events of Season 1 changed Red? Is he at all a new person?

“I’m not so sure whether they’ve changed him…Yeah, he is addressing the past that I think has gone unaddressed in his life for decades, and therefore, in being faced with that, it obviously is going to bring about behavior, but also it is going to touch him in a different way than his life up until now has touched him. But I don’t know if he is a different person. I think he is the same person, but…the circumstances he is putting himself into are certainly new to him from what has preceded it.”

HollywoodLifers, are you hooked on The Blacklist? Let us know what you’re looking forward to this season!

The Blacklist Season 2 premieres Monday, Sept. 22 (10/9c) on NBC.

— Elizabeth Wagmeister, Reporting by Russ Weakland

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