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‘Project Runway’ Recap: The ‘Runway’ Becomes A ‘Rainway’

Thu, September 11, 2014 10:33pm EDT by HL Intern 3 Comments

In the world of ‘Project Runway,’ there are always new opportunities — and this includes the designs and the design of the runway. This week, the designers had to come up with avant garde ideas to show off on the runway — or in this case, “the rainway.”

The runway has seen some interesting designs in the past — and this week deemed to be no different. Tim Gun and Heidi Klum explained to the designers that this week they were to create forward-thinking designs that are cutting edge, innovative and have a so-called WOW  factor from every angle. This idea for the challenge came from the debut of the Samsung Curve TV that possesses the same characteristics. To amp up the challenge even more, the designers will be showing off their avant grade designs on “the rainway.” What is a “rainway” you may ask? Char summed it up perfectly, “It’s a runway with rain…duh!”

‘Project Runway’ Recap, Season 13, Episode 8:

The designers returned to the workroom ready to sketch out their designs. Many of the designers saw this challenge as an opportunity to experiment and create something that is not necessarily wearable, but a work of art. The designers are told that the fabric they will be using is waterproof so nothing gets damaged when their designs are shown on “the rainway.”

The budget for this challenge was $300 and the designers had two days to create their design.

While some designers felt extremely inspired, others felt extremely uninspired. After sketching out his design and getting his fabric, Fade stared at his workspace and felt like he had nothing to work with. He wanted to create something unexpected, but he remained stuck with no inspiration. Having this struggle caused not only some problems in the work room, but some personal issues as well as Fade began feeling homesick.

Mixed Reviews In The Workroom:

Creating an avant garde design is not easy — and that proved to be the case when the designers began putting their pieces together. Kini created a black high-waisted umbrella skirt that Tim thought was absolutely genius. Sean  created a simple all-white dress, but included a touch that no one has ever seen. In the seams of the dress Sean placed powdered dye so when the dress gets wet on the runway the colors will run throughout the dress and completely transform. Tim called the dress, “spectacular,” “unforgettable,” and “breathtaking.” While Tim had nothing but high praises to sing for Sean, it left the other designers with the mindset that they could not beat a dress like Sean’s.

In the fashion world, some ideas are absolute hits while others are complete misses. Fade continued to have difficulty with piecing together his design. He finally pitched his idea to Tim as a black dress with a play button which featured multi-colored lines that serve as a circuit board. Instead of working off the rain, Fade worked off the idea of the Samsung TV. Tim’s only advice to him was to, “Turn up the volume” and he left Fade still doubting his design.

Amazing Looks on the “Rainway”:

While the designers were unsure about how their looks would play out on the runway with the rain, the show ended up being spectacular! Even though Sean had some anxiety about his colorful dress not working on the runway, his design brought jaw-dropping responses from the judges. The dress fanned out with each turn and the colors continued to drip out making the dress incredible. Kini’s design also brought positive reactions from the judges with the all-black umbrella dress, complete with long black gloves and a very large and obscure hat.

While Kini and Sean shined on the runway, Emily and Fade’s designs did anything but. Heidi told Fade that his design, “Looked like a subway map,” and simply had no relationship to the rain. Emily, however, was told that her design was something that they have all seen before. Nina Garcia said it “Would have looked modern 10 or 15 years ago,” and that the whole design was extremely dated.

Kini and Sean were both the winners of this challenge, while Emily and Fade were put in the bottom two. When it came down to a decision, Fade was the one who was sent to pack up his workspace and head home. With Emily coming so close to elimination and having her designs labeled as, “dated,” this definitely served as a wakeup call to the designer.

What do you think? Was it Fade’s time to go?

— Lauren Carr 

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