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Mom Who Allegedly Fed Autistic Son, 8, Lethal Cocktail Starts Murder Trial

Thu, September 11, 2014 10:33am EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments
Gigi Jordan Murder Trial

Gigi Jordan, the wealthy mom who allegedly force-fed her autistic son a lethal cocktail of pills and alcohol and watched him die, is finally facing a jury — and life in prison if found guilty.

Michael Jude Mirra, 8, had a life that was cut short when his own mother, socialite Gigi Jordan, 54, allegedly murdered him in a hotel room in 2011, while later reportedly calling it a “mercy killing.” After going through 11 defense attorneys, the wealthy mother is facing murder charges and a life sentence for allegedly taking the life of her innocent little boy.

Wealthy Socialite Mother Starts Murder Trial For Allegedly Killing Son, 8

Nearly five years after her 8-year-old autistic son died in a $2,300-a-night suite at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City, the murder trial against Gigi Jordan finally began on Thursday, Sept. 11.

Gigi is accused of forcing her son, Michael, to swallow a mix of crushed prescription pills and alcohol, which ultimately led to his death, reports the Daily Mail.

Now that her trial is underway, Gigi faces being found guilty of murder — and if that happens, she will face life as a convicted felon behind bars in a New York state penitentiary. The trial is expected to last until at least Nov. 2014, and it has been reported that her defense team is hoping to argue that she was under “extreme emotional” stress at the time of her son’s death, which could lead to her  to being found guilty of manslaughter instead — a less severe conviction than murder.

However, there are some disturbing details surrounding the death of Michael and Gigi’s alleged participation.

Reports claim that after allegedly force-feeding Michael his lethal dose of drugs and booze, Gigi sat by her son’s side and “balanced her checkbook” while he died. It has also been reported that she called her accountant and had $125,000 removed from her son’s trust and put into her own accounts.

When police arrived on the scene the following day, they discovered her son’s dead body in the hotel bed while Gigi laid on the floor babbling after allegedly taking the same lethal dose she gave to her son the night before.

Gigi has since called her son’s murder a “mercy killing,” and her current defense lawyer, Allan Brenner, has made the disturbing claim that his client “brought [Michael] the peace she couldn’t give him during his life.”

Stay tuned for more updates about Gigi’s trial as it continues.

— Lauren Cox

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