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‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah’s Husband Calls Corey A ‘Piece Of Sh-t’ Over Child Support

Wed, September 10, 2014 11:00pm EDT by Lauren Cox 75 Comments

Another night, another explosive episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ This time, Leah’s husband Jeremy drags her ex, Corey, through the mud over their child support and custody battle. Is this the end of their once excellent co-parenting?

On the Sept. 10 episode of Teen Mom 2, almost everyone seems to be involved in some sort of major fight with someone else. First and foremost, Leah Messer, 22, and her ex, Corey Simms, prepare to take each other on in court over their twins, Ali and Aleeah, 4. Then, Jenelle Evans, 22, gets into an enormous fight with Nathan Griffith, 25, over taking custody of her son, Jace Evans, 4, back from her mom, Barbara Evans. Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry, 22, is upset with her ex, Jo Rivera, for not allowing her to take their son, Isaac Rivera, 4 on vacation, while Chelsea Houska, 22, comes face-to-face with her ex Adam Lind‘s new girlfriend for the first time.

Leah & Jeremy Prepare To Take On Corey In Court

For the first time since they’ve split, Leah is really throwing down the gauntlet with her ex, Corey.

Not only has she had “enough” of his lack of support of their daughter Ali’s need for a wheelchair, but she has finally contacted a lawyer to get legal rights over their daughter’s health insurance AND more health insurance.

While discussing her decision to take Corey to court, her husband Jeremy reveals that he thinks Corey is a “piece of sh-t” for not paying them the appropriate amount of child support for the girls and leaving Ali without her wheelchair. Ouch. Leah doesn’t seem phased by Jeremy’s name-calling, and even appears to agree with him when she says that she no longer cares what happens to Corey financially so long as their girls are taken care of with child support.

Once Corey chimes in on the drama, he seems really confused by why Leah would do this to him. He does admit that he wants “more time” with the girls, so he plans on demanding extra visitation, if not custody, of the girls. This does not sound like it’s going to go over well, does it?

Leah and Jeremy go to meet Corey and his wife, Miranda, to drop off the girls and things instantly escalate to a huge fight. First, Leah accuses Corey of not keeping up with Ali’s health insurance about her wheelchair, and then Corey accuses Leah of not taking Ali to therapy.

For whatever reason, Corey drags Jeremy into it who sticks by his wife’s side and says that their co-parenting has gone to shit. That’s when Miranda chimes in and says, “I don’t think any of us need to be best friends, but I think we need to co-parent and I think that’s the most important thing.” Leah agrees with her, but tells Corey they’ll deal with this in court.

It’s nice to see her standing up for herself for once, because Leah has a history of being a doormat. Unfortunately, it’s taken a major toll on her relationship with Corey and this could affect their entire future of raising two girls together. Is it worth it? I sure hope so.

Also worth mentioning: despite all of their fighting and drama, Jeremy calls Leah sexy a total of TWO times this episode. Things are obviously going well with them!

Jenelle & Nathan Argue Over Taking Custody Of Jace

For the first time since her blow-out with her mom, Barbara Evans, Jenelle mentions all of the issues she is having with Jace to Nathan.

Nathan tells Jenelle the worst advice ever: that the two of them should go and talk to her one-on-one because they make a good team. It’s not that I don’t agree that they make a good team, but Barbara has a very low tolerance for Nathan and something tells me that if he gets involved in Jace’s issues that is just going to send her bouncing off of the walls with rage.

However, Nathan does tell Jenelle that it might be time for her take back custody of Jace — and he’s right. It’s been almost a year since Jenelle has sobered up. She’s finally divorced of Courtland, she lives in a nice home with Nathan, and she is about to have a second baby. Jenelle tells Nathan she needs to have Kaiser before she starts filing for custody of Jace, but it’s clear that they are both considering their future with both boys in the house. Finally!

Unfortunately, Jace tells Jenelle that he doesn’t want to live with them — he only wants to visit on the weekends and stay in his school. Nathan refuses to accept this, and even though Jenelle tries to explain to him that they need to focus on having Kaiser first and getting a bigger house to accommodate both boys first, Nathan flips out. That’s when Jenelle really lays into him, saying, “Why don’t you worry about your daughter and I’ll worry about my son?” Whoa.

Obviously, Nathan skips the trip to Barbara’s house so that he can stay at home and steam over what Jenelle just said to him. This brings us to one of the saddest but cutest moments of the episode: Jace telling Jenelle that if Nathan doesn’t want to come and help her set up for her baby shower, that she still has him to help her — and if it’s just the two of them, then who cares? At least they have each other.

When Jenelle starts crying because Nathan is “mean” to her, Jace starts singing to her. Jace has really grown up these past few years, and watching him say something so mature and loving to Jenelle is truly touching. She knows it, too.

Kailyn Tries To Take Isaac From Jo For Father’s Day

It’s date night!

After a month of wrangling the boys all by herself, Kailyn is treated to a romantic date night by her hubby, Javi. This brings us one of the most hilarious moments of the episode: watching these two pick out a glass of wine. Apparently, Kailyn has only ever had moscato — so she has no idea how to pick out a wine for dinner. Oh, the perils of being a teen mom!

Over dinner, Kailyn can’t help but bring up the fact that Isaac’s father, Jo Rivera, is scheduled to get their son for six whole weeks. It’s set in stone because of their custody agreement, and Kailyn is not happy about it at all. She’s also concerned because they have a “family vacation” scheduled that happens to fall over Father’s Day, which means Jo could very easily claim Isaac for the weekend, leaving Javi without any time with the stepson he’s grown so close to.

Kailyn eventually has a one-on-one with Jo about the upcoming six weeks. The good thing is that they Kailyn and Jo are really getting along these days and have really improved their co-parenting skills. Unfortunately, when Kailyn brings up taking Isaac for Father’s Day he calmly explains that having his son for that holiday was specific to his custody agreement and he would prefer she not talk him. It’s clear that Kailyn isn’t happy about this, but there isn’t much she can do about it. Hopefully this doesn’t put a major riff in their new co-parenting relationship.

Chelsea Calls Adam’s New Girlfriend A ‘Porn Star’ During Their First Meeting

In a sweet turn of events, Chelsea takes Aubree to work so that she can explain to people what it is she does.

During Aubree’s visit, Chelsea gives her a “baby facial” which keeps Aubree giggling the whole time — especially when she uses the little sponges around her face! It’s too cute. Even better? Chelsea asks Aubree what she wants to do when she grows up and she says, “Do facials!” Aw, like mother, like daughter!

Weirdly enough, Taylor Halbur, Adam Lind’s ex, has some one-on-one camera time to discuss their break-up and his new girlfriend, Jessica Nicole. This is probably the most bizarre part of the episode because where the heck did she come from?

Later on when we get back to someone who actually belongs on the show, Chelsea takes Aubree to a softball game and tells everyone that Adam is supposed to be coming to support their daughter. This will be his first time going to one of Aubree’s games and she’s skeptical, but she knows Aubree will be excited when she sees her dad — and she is.

But you know who Chelsea is not excited to see? The infamous new girlfriend, Jessica. First, Chelsea refers to her as his “porn star girlfriend,” and then later she tells her girlfriend that Jessica looks “old.” Tell us how you really feel, Chels!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Is Jeremy right to be calling Corey names? Is Leah doing the right thing taking Corey to court? Should Jenelle be rushing to get custody back like Nathan wants her to? Comment on this episode of Teen Mom 2 below!

— Lauren Cox

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