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‘Teen Wolf’ Finale Recap: Scott & Peter Face-Off In Shocking Showdown

Tue, September 9, 2014 12:07am EDT by 3 Comments

The season four finale of ‘Teen Wolf’ was absolutely insane. Many characters came thisclose to dying and Scott and Peter duked it out in the ultimate fight. Have you caught your breath yet?

Teen Wolf’s season four finale had us up on our feet cheering and our jaws on the floor. On the September 8 finale, Scott (Tyler Posey) was saved from Kate’s (Jill Wagner) clutches, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) finally embraced his werewolf status and something crazy epic happened to Derek (Tyler Hoechlin). Read on for full recap!

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Goodbye, Sweet Scott

Once again, Kira (Arden Cho) woke up surrounded by skeletons. But this time, her dungeon door was open! She called out for Scott, but got no reply.

This creepy tunnel is not good for my nerves. As Kira tried to find her way out, she came across Scott…as the Berserker! He started to beat the living crap out of her and Kira realized it was Scott doing the damage. 

Kate halted Scott’s beatdown on Kira to explain herself. Kate revealed that she had found the Berserkers in the temple and they helped keep her alive. While she was there, she discovered that she could control them. They called her la Loba aka the Bone Woman. 

Kate wanted Scott to kill Kira. She wanted him to finally get a taste of murder. That’s when Scott stabbed Kira. 

DID SCOTT JUST KILL KIRA?! (Sound the alarm.)

‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Spoilers: Dylan Sprayberry Talks Liam’s Love Life

Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) tried to explain the trip to Mexico to Sheriff Stilinki (Linden Ashby), but Papa wasn’t buying it. Stiles was defiant about going down there to save Scott. Sheriff wanted Stiles to take a few days so he could get a lead and gather a team to help. When is Sheriff going to learn law enforcement doesn’t work in these situations? (Except Parrish. He can come along.)

Over at the loft, Derek was still a little hesitant over using guns. He felt helpless without his powers, and without them, Derek was unsure if he would come back alive. Braeden (Meagan Tandy) didn’t like that kind of talk. She gave him a pep talk in the form of a kiss and it was super sweet. They started to wonder if they had enough ammo, but Peter (Ian Bohen) said that wouldn’t finish the Berserkers. To kill a Berserker, you had to break the animal spirit from the human. In that case, Derek was going to need help from Peter, Liam and Malia (Shelley Hennig).

Even though Liam had been petrified of the Berserkers, he wanted to go along with Stiles and gang. However, Stiles and Malia were worried about his control issues. After all, he’s just a baby wolf. Braeden had the bright idea of chaining Liam down in the back of a U.S. Marshal van.

No one was sure what Kate was up to in Mexico. Peter thought that maybe Kate was trying to take Scott back to when he wasn’t werewolf. Everyone was locked, loaded and ready to go, but they were missing someone — Lydia (Holland Roden).

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Losing Control

Lydia wasn’t responding to any of Stiles’ calls thanks to a Berserker. So they could get out on the road, Liam had Mason (Khylin Rhambo) look for her at the school. (Bad idea, Liam. Mason’s only human!)

Malia agreed to ride along with Peter. During the car ride, Peter struck up a father-daughter talk. As the full moon started to come out, Malia began to feel herself losing control. Peter didn’t understand why she felt the need to hinder her power. His fatherly advice to her was to focus on her animal side and channel her inner ferocity. He’s not totally in the wrong.

Unlike Malia, Liam wasn’t having any luck keeping his transformation under control. To help calm him down, Derek gave him his talisman and said it was super “powerful.” Derek is just the best. Derek told Liam to remain calm, but it didn’t work. Liam broke through his chains and went after Derek.

At the school, Mason discovered Lydia’s phone, but a Berserker cut his search short. (How do they get places so fast? Do they drive? Walk? Teleport?) Poor Mason woke up in the basement next to Lydia where the Berserker was holding them hostage.

Thankfully, Kira was ALIVE, but slowly dying. She started having a vision of her mother, who helped her remember how to trigger her healing. For Kira to heal, she must endure pain.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Keep Derek Alive At All Costs (Or Else)

In the end, it was Stiles who helped curb Liam’s transformation. Once he brought up the three things that cannot long be hidden — the sun, the moon and the truth — Liam was back to normal!

As soon as Derek opened the van doors, he was attacked by a Berserker! The Berserker got a few good blows in before Braeden came to his rescue. However, Derek had been severely injured. Even in peril, Derek is always thinking of others. He told everyone to go on without him. Stiles looked back with worry as he left Derek behind. (Sterek, that was for you.)

Stiles’ dad called while he was in the temple and was super pissed Stiles had run off to Mexico without his consent. Once his initial anger subsided, Sheriff was willing to help. He would find Lydia and Mason at the school. Bring backup, Sheriff.

At the temple, Malia sent Stiles off to find Scott while her and Liam actually took on a Berserker Scott, unbeknownst to them. Braeden tried to face-off against Kate and a Berserker, but was seriously unsuccessful. Thank god for Argent, Parrish & Co! (Yeah, buddy!)

Stiles found Kira and she revealed that Kate had turned Scott into a Berserker. (This changed things up a bit.)

Gunfire was flying outside the temple and Derek was slowly losing his strength.

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Wolf Brothers

Lydia and Mason formed a plan of attack against the Berserker. It was a terrible plan. WHY DO THESE KIDS THINK THEY CAN TAKE ON THESE BERSERKERS?!

Everyone rejoice for the Sheriff because he saved both Lydia and Mason’s life! He threw a grenade at the Berserker and he was blown to bits. Lydia realized that the Berserker wanted to keep her in Beacon Hills so she couldn’t tell her friends they were trying to kill Scott.

Peter, Malia and Liam battled Berserker Scott and nearly had him pinned down. Before Malia could kill him, Kira stopped her dead in her tracks. Scott immediately went after Liam and punched the daylights out of Stiles. (Don’t mess up that face.)

Scott had Liam by the throat. Liam pleaded with him to stop the madness. “You’re not a monster,” he told Berserker Scott. “You’re a werewolf. Like me.”


Real Scott was back! That’s more like it!

Scott looked right at Peter after returning to normal. Scott knew it was Peter who taught Kate about the Berserkers. “You don’t deserve your power,” Peter scowled at Scott.

“You were my Beta first, Scott. It was my bite that changed your life. And my bite that can end it.”

Scott was ready to go head-to-head with Peter. He wanted Peter to come after him because he wouldn’t get another chance.

‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: Sayonara, Peter

During the fight between Kate versus everyone else, Braeden failed to notice that Derek was no longer there. Suddenly, they all heard a howl. It was Derek, and he was a black wolf! He leapt and took a chunk out of Kate.

Kate was stunned that Derek was still alive. “I was evolving,” he said. “Something you’ll never do.” (BURN.)

Then, Argent shot Kate with wolfsbane!

Meanwhile, Scott and Peter were duking it out inside the temple. “If you are going to beat me, you are going to have to kill me,” Peter screamed. Peter threw a crate at Liam and that pissed Scott off.

“You were never an Alpha, Peter,” Scott said. “But you were always a monster.” Scott punched Peter out cold.

Argent followed Kate into the temple after she was shot. She was sick of him always making her the bad guy. Kate tried to explain to him that Scott and the rest of the gang weren’t heroes, especially after they killed Allison.

“Allison died,” Argent started off. “She died saving her friends. Who would you die for?”

Kate knew Argent wasn’t going to kill her, so she ran off. She better run quick because Argent and the rest of Calaveras were teaming up to catch her.

Braeden finally explained to Derek that she was no longer a U.S. Marshal. She told him that she became obsessed with a case. She only knew the code name — Desert Wolf.

Everything seemed back to normal. Kira received her first tail from her mother, while Liam, Scott and Stiles tried to explain their trip to Mexico to Coach. (Their excuse didn’t fly.)

Lydia was more than willing to help Parrish (Ryan Kelley) find out who he really is. She brought him a book full of supernatural creatues and wanted to figure it out. (Team Pydia, anyone?)

Peter was taken to Eichen House and to Dr. Valack’s room. Peter didn’t think that much of his roommate until Dr. Valack took off the bandages, revealing that gross Cyclops eye.

Peter stared right into the eye and screamed at the top of his lungs. (Karma!)

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Teen Wolf finale? Can you believe Derek evolved into a black wolf? Are you glad Peter is locked up for good? Will Argent be back? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson

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