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Nikki Bella On Feud With Brie: ‘I’m Enjoying It On My Own’

Mon, September 8, 2014 6:15pm EDT by Chris Rogers 5 Comments

Jerry Springer has been called in to settle the Bella twins’ feud on WWE’s ‘Monday Night RAW,’ despite Nikki claiming she’s happy being on her own. The talk show host revealed his secret plan to end the sibling rivalry during an EXCLUSIVE interview with!

On the Sept. 8 season premiere of WWE’s Monday Night RAW, Jerry Springer will be attempting to help out Nikki and Brie Bella in what he calls an intervention to achieve sibling harmony. The sisters have been bitter enemies since their shocking Summerslam separation on Aug. 17.

Jerry Springer To Settle Bella Twins’ Feud On WWE’s RAW — His Plan Revealed

So what’s Jerry’s plan? Well, he doesn’t have one. He’d rather see what the Total Divas stars have to say and take it from there.

Jerry wants to “talk to them in person and see how they interact,” he told EXCLUSIVELY. “So, I don’t have any idea [what I’ll do] until I see what they have to say. Then, we will take it from there. It’s entirely possible that there won’t be any harm at the end, but if there is a serious problem, then it will not be cured in ten minutes in front of television cameras.”

Unfortunately, Jerry is worried that it’ll all blow up in his face with the night ending in “chaos.”

He said, “If both sides want to work it out, then they will. But if one party doesn’t, then it’s not going to happen, no matter what. And if they don’t want it to work out, then there will be chaos!”

WWE’s Bella Twins & Nattie Duke It Out — Watch

Either way, Jerry hopes that the Bella twins don’t beat him up in the ring!

“I am not aware that there will be anyone else in the ring to protect me, but why would you want to hit a 70 year old man! You know, they can have my wallet and anything I got — I don’t want to be hurt! So I am not going in there to confront anyone — I don’t confront anyone. I am not looking forward to being beaten up, but if someone tries, hopefully there will be someone there to save me,” he told us while laughing.

Nikki Bella: ‘I’m Enjoying’ Being On My Own

While Jerry hopes to bring the sisters back together, Nikki doesn’t seem to mind being in a feud with Brie.

“I’ve been enjoying it on my own. It’s been very fun and easy,” Nikki told EXCLUSIVELY.

Brie, on the other hand, chose to explain their feud, rather tell us how she feels about it.

“As sisters, being together for 30 years, like everyone that has a sister — you fight like crazy. You get in those fights that even your mother can’t stop because then you’ll turn on them. It’s messed up, but you know, we’ve always been compared our whole lives,” Brie said. “Just cause we’re twins, doesn’t mean we’re clones.”

Uh oh! A reconciliation doesn’t sound too promising. What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Whose side are you on? Vote and tell us how you feel!

— Written by Chris Rogers, Reporting by Russ Weakland & Elizabeth Wagmeister

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