‘KUWTK': Kim Kardashian Won’t Invite Brody’s Girlfriend To Her Wedding

Sun, August 31, 2014 10:01pm EST by 16 Comments 32,351 Article Views

Kim tells Bruce on the Aug. 31 episode of ‘KUWTK,’ that she has no intention of Brody’s girlfriend, Kaitlynn, coming to her intimate wedding. HollywoodLifers, was this wrong of Kim?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had an intimate wedding, but we didn’t realize that meant immediate family members couldn’t bring dates!

‘KUWTK’ Wedding Special — Kim Kardashian Refuses To Invite Brody Jenner’s GF

Kim tells Bruce Jenner that Brody can’t bring his girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter.

She doesn’t exactly give a reason, but does she have to? We realize that this is an over-the-top, incredibly intimate event, but shouldn’t her step-brother, be able to bring his girlfriend?

We were definitely shocked and Bruce was too!

Kim Kardashian Disses Kylie Jenner’s Blue Hair Before Wedding

‘KUWTK’ : Kourtney Tells Scott She Is Pregnant

When Kim isn’t busy telling family members whether they can bring dates to her wedding, Kourtney Kardashian drops a major bomb!

She tells Scott Disick that she’s pregnant with their third child! Unfortunately, Scott is less than thrilled, he actually tells her that he’s not ready for that sort of responsibility! Yikes!

We are so excited for Kourtney and think that Scott is a good dad. We know he’s been through a lot this past year, with the death of his parents and going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning, but we think this could be a wake up call for him! Being a father means being responsible and maybe Scott will realize that he’s not a kid anymore and needs to grow up.

The second part of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians two-part finale airs Monday, September 1 (9/8c) on E!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Kim should have invited Brody’s girlfriend?

– Chloe Melas

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Posted at 6:24 PM on September 4, 2014  

She probably was jealous of his girlfriend. She’s been trying to f**k Brody for years.

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Posted at 7:13 PM on September 2, 2014  

intimate?? we heard about via their own tabloid super highway when it was happening and now yet again when it airs on their sh-tt show-nothing intimate-again Brangelina without a word showed these fame vulture skankkks up for what they truly are-can these circus freaks makes themselves any more of a world wide joke?? I guess kanye is doing his best trying to rant on the guy who impersonated him

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Posted at 1:07 PM on September 2, 2014  

Enough is enough with all the scripted storylines. It is all so OLD and Brody is so over it he attended a more exciting event with fun,laughter and great JOY,without any DRAMA. The wedding of Reggie Bush and Lilit his dearest friends whom he has known for quite some time now, of course Reggie and his new blushing bride, Lilit (Lilit was so beautiful in her tight fitted mermaid gown it fitted her just perfectly right). It seem in pics of Brody and his girlfriend seemed they really had a GREAT Time with the new bride and groom,Brody and his girlfriend had a BALL. The reality show really should stop editing the great actions of real emotions on the show for the real trueness of each person true self on camera. Now that would be ratings since the show is strictly for RATINGS these days.How many agree? Now remember Rob Kardashian, made his decision to EXIT why? Hmmm Rob had no date as well and probably wanted to bring someone with him to support him, right nothing was ever said about Rob’s date. So he decides to Leave with a bang of an EXIT and it had nothing to do with his weight at all. Think out of the box Rob, knows so much of the real Truths is making him sick mentally of how his pimp mama kris and siblings are pretending to live with all their LIES. Rob probably said to himself, forget this drama,and there was so much crazy hatred being thrown at one another Rob EXIT. The E!network/seacreast really should show the TRUTHS of what kimmykakes-Botox, and others are really like. I can not wait till Rob Kardashian’s, book of Secrets “The Untold Stories of the Secrets of the Wicked Kardashian Empire”. The book will make trillions for Rob Kardashian, when he gets it published, why is he being in seclusion so much Robs is on his OWN mission and when all hits the fan it will be nothing but FIREWORKS for the world to see and absorb the Truths of his wicked family of lies, bribe,fraud, secret meetings and etc. Stay tune. Rob Kardashian, is shown no Respect and it seems is BULLIED, degraded by his pimp mama kris and kimmykakes-Botox, why so much HATRED between the two? Rob, will lose his weight on his time and on a regular day should be the main one to watch. The new Rob Kardashian is going to be straight up direct and keep it real with Truths and not LIES. Stay tune. Remember it is only an opinion,nothing more. Peace and Love always mostly Prayers.

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Posted at 4:10 AM on September 2, 2014  

I’m not a Kim fan at all, but I totally agree with her on this one. If the purpose of her wedding was to have only close friends and family a girlfriend would not be included. I don’t care if the wedding was local…no girlfriends. People pay for there wedding and who they would like to celebrate with during that time. So this I believe she got it right!

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Posted at 6:00 PM on September 1, 2014  

Once again whoever wrote the article didn’t Watch the show cuz Kim said she didn’t know Brody’s girlfriend, Her and Brody had just got together and Space was limited. I want to Know who would spend thousands of dollars for someone to travel they really don’t know and according to the show everyones ticket Was Not paid for by E Entertainment. So people can say what they want but Nobody but a Fool would spend their money for people to travel they font know

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Posted at 7:15 PM on September 2, 2014  

the poor stupid media intern HL doesn’t pay to write this drivle doesn’t want to watch this crappp and write on it-clearly not part of his job-otherwise he would get hazard pay

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yvonne campbell

Posted at 3:49 PM on September 1, 2014  

Kim did not want any one taking the limelight from her……….Kourtney dressed down, Khloe wasn’t any competition, Kendell and Kylie still too young…She, Kim is dark, and thick, and Kaitlynn is the exact opposite..I know that sounds catty, that is why I said it.
Everyone is tired of Kim being the sex symbol, mother of the year, no sex symbol of sorts, no mother, even she can’t get that straight.
There are so many types of beauty, and younger more beautiful woman, but not each one is a direct competitor. It does seem like it is with Kim. Her own family walks on egg shells around her.
Bruce, Brody are lucky to be away from the “Kardashian”maddest..
We’re all growing tired of the same ol’ same.

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Posted at 3:31 PM on September 1, 2014  

The charade of this hoe’s wedding was held ages ago; it’s no longer current and no longer interesting, just like its participants

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Posted at 3:02 PM on September 1, 2014  

In my opinion, it was stated that the circus of a third wedding was not going to be for PROFITS and RATINGS, and not Televised. Oh well, once again LIES are LIES now the kards,E!network has been caught into another lie, the same as her kimmykakes-Botox, wedding to Kris Humphries was televised will now once again this circus of a wedding with kanye little boy-man. I now realized that Jayz-Beyounce, did the right thing for not attending that CIRCUS, it was based on all LIES and yes the kimye’s were on their Wicked Sneaky agenda to use the Carter’s celebrity status to GAIN RATINGS. I could not believe the screening of the up coming episodes showing kimmykakes-Botox, practicing herself walking down the runway on the wedding day. Everything was televised and no I did not tune in, so many LIES with this Wicked,Evil,Fraudelent,Bribery family who considers themselves KURSED. I am quite sure the wedding was nice it is what it is. Peace. No insults intended.

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Posted at 1:54 PM on September 1, 2014  

He should consider himself lucky. And he can just go to her next wedding.

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Posted at 11:11 AM on September 1, 2014  

How much of this was staged for drama–we don’t know. That said, it seems like Kris could afford to fly Brody and girlfriend over (since they flew over other people, it seems, and he is family). Seems like Kris wrote and directed this episode (I mean, dragging Bruce into it to say how poor Kris gets the “short end of the stick”). Don’t believe it. And, I don’t blame Brody. Seems he didn’t miss much anyway. I agree with the person who said this wedding could have fed a third world country.

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Posted at 10:31 AM on September 1, 2014  

She invites the world to watch but not her step brother’s girlfriend? Good for Brody for not going. They can watch it on tv with everyone else.

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Posted at 10:18 AM on September 1, 2014  


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Posted at 9:37 AM on September 1, 2014  

They invited willnsmitha kid who wore a Bauman outfit. She is a tool!!!!

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Lisa J. Smith (@Lisateenwolf)

Posted at 8:17 AM on September 1, 2014  

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Posted at 6:52 AM on September 1, 2014  

I guess kim didn’t wanted to her to come might say something and blah to the magazines or press?! I guess kim and Kayne didn’t trust nobody whoever came to the wedding anyway which No one really cares!!!!!!! I meant look at Beyoncé and jay- z were very smart didn’t come! That clips of the wedding, it me didn’t suit kim but prolly sure it was Kayne who planning on thr wedding and even her wedding dress too, it not her either, I guess Kayne design it for her?!? And the wedding it look too boring to me. I guess I will watch it today and see for myself?

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