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‘If I Stay’ Review Roundup: Should You Go?

Fri, August 22, 2014 5:50pm EDT by 1 Comment
'If I Stay' Movie Review
Courtesy of DiNovi Pictures

The reviews are in! Chloe Grace Moretz’s highly anticipated film, ‘If I Stay’ opens in theaters on Aug. 22, and we have to say, it looks amazing!

The film stars Chloe Moretz, 17, as Mia, a girl who is in a coma following a devastating accident. Mia is faced with the decision of whether she will live or die, after embarking on a whirlwind romance with Adam (Jamie Blackley, 23). If I Stay was adapted from the wildly popular young adult novel of the same name by Gayle Forman, and definitely looks like a tear-jerker.

‘If I Stay’ Movie Reviews:

Arizona Republic

Chloe Grace Moretz, the teenage girl in question. She has been good in “Kick-Ass” and “Let Me In” and even the remake of “Carrie” (though the movie wasn’t much). If you have to watch someone weep her way through a movie, she’s as good a choice as anyone.

The Hollywood Reporter

It’s easy to see why Chloe Grace Moretz wanted to be in If I Stay — it’s an adaptation of a hit YA book, she’s a rapidly rising star and the role is her first full-fledged romantic lead. But a few minutes into the drippy teen love-and-death story, you’ll likely wish she hadn’t. That is, unless you’re a teenager yourself, which may mean you’ll be swooning too hard to be bothered by the lame dialogue, heartstring-yanking music and tired visual approach.

Village Voice

There’s something morbidly gratifying about the supercalifragilistically supernatural elements of If I Stay, even if the movie isn’t ultimately as effective as it could be.


If “The Fault in Our Stars” at times fell prey to the troubling suggestion that terminal cancer blesses you with a higher level of self-awareness, “If I Stay” manages to confront its central tragedy on less noxious, more honest and accessible terms. Shuffling and restructuring key episodes from the source material, scribe Shauna Cross (“Whip It,” “He’s Just Not That Into You”) tries to approximate the pensive quality of the book’s first-person narration by making frequent use of voiceover, often slathered over the transitions between Mia’s happy-sad memories and the ghostly purgatory she now inhabits.

New York Daily News

Who wouldn’t well up watching a teenage girl survive a horrifically devastating car crash, only to fall into a life-threatening coma? The problem is, we can feel each heartstring being tugged, almost mechanically. The movie is designed not to explore the experience of illness, or first love, or adolescence, but merely to make us swoon, sigh, and sob.

Watch the trailer for If I Stay below!

HollywoodLifers,will you be heading to the movies over the weekend of August 22nd to see If I Stay? Let us know!

— Caitlin Beck

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