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Parents Jailed For Starving Boy, 7, To ‘Walking Skeleton’: Court Applauds

Fri, August 8, 2014 11:02am EDT by Lauren Cox 6 Comments

A courtroom full of people applauded as three adults — a mother and two grandparents — were arrested for allegedly starving a little boy, 7. The judge was so appalled by the photos of the boy, who weighed just 24lbs, he had them jailed immediately.

The mother and grandparents of a little boy, just 7 years old, left a courtroom in handcuffs after the judge saw horrifying photos displaying the little boy’s skeleton-like figure. The boy, allegedly starved by his mother and grandparents, weighed just 24lbs when he was finally removed from the home. Now, his mother, Mary Rader, 28, his grandmother, Deana Beighley, 48 and his step-grandfather, Dennis Beighley, 59, are being held in police custody with $100,000 bail each as they await trial.

Boy, 7, Starved: Court Applauds As Mother & Grandparents Arrested

This is truly horrifying.

An innocent little boy who was enrolled in an online school program so that he did not have to leave the house was alleged starved until he weighed just 24lbs — the healthy weight of a small toddler.

The boy’s mother, Mary, allegedly did not let her son leave the house so that no one would notice he was emaciated. However, a neighbor noticed the boy’s skeleton-like figure on June 6 when he bolted out of his family’s home to pet a dog, reports the Daily Mail. The worried neighbor called and reported her concerns for the boy’s welfare.

Sadly, it has been reported that the little boy was forced to eat insects after being fed a very, very small amount of food by the people who should have been caring for him.  The little boy was being raised in a home with his mom, his grandparents, and at least three other children. It has also been reported that Mary is pregnant with a fifth child, although there is no word on the whereabouts the father — or fathers — of these children.

When Mary and her parents, Deana and Dennis, arrived for a court date on Aug. 7, a judge had them arrested immediately after seeing the horrifying photos of the little boy’s starved body.

They had originally been arrested on July 17 when they were charged almost  month after the little boy was removed from the home, but they were released that same day. Now, they are being held in police custody with $100,000 bail for each of them.

When the three adults were handcuffed and removed from the courtroom, everyone in attendance — including friends, family members, and neighbors — applauded the judge’s decision. Everyone in the room had witnessed the photos of the boy, which reportedly resulted in horrified gasps from the hearing attendees.

The little boy is currently gaining weight and being cared for at the Greenville Medical Center in Greenville, Penn. by doctors who stated he was so emaciated he looked like a “holocaust survivor.”

Our thoughts go out to the little boy, who is only known by his initials, A.R., as he recovers in the hospital.

— Lauren Cox

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