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Teen Girl, 16, Killed: Run Over By Boat In Horrific Tubing Accident

Thu, August 7, 2014 12:25pm EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments

What should have been a day of fun quickly turned into a tragedy when a 16-year-old girl was killed by a boat propeller in a terrible accident. The girl had been tubing when she fell off her raft and was run over by the boat that had been pulling her. So sad.

Emily Fedorko, 16, was just enjoying a day on the water with her friends when she was tragically killed. After falling off of the tube she was being pulled on, Emily got caught in the propeller of the boat that had been pulling her and a friend. Sadly, Emily was due to start her junior year of high school in just a few weeks.

Teen Girl Killed In Boating Accident On Long Island Sound

This is such a horrific tragedy.

A 16-year-old girl named Emily Fedorko was killed after getting caught in the propeller of a boat on Wednesday, Aug. 6. Emily had been “tubing” with a group of friends when the accident occurred.

Emily and a friend were being pulled on a tube by a speedboat when she accidentally fell off and into the water. When the boat turned around to pick her up, Emily was somehow sucked into the propeller and sustained injuries that ultimately led to her death, reports the Daily Mail.

“At some point some of the maneuvers that took place with the boat and the tubes, the vessel slowed or stopped. The girls’ tube continued forward and they became entangled in the propeller,” Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray said in a briefing after the incident.

This tragedy took place in the water just off of Greenwich Point, Connecticut. Reports claim there were two other teenage girls on the boat at the time of Emily’s accident, and one of them had been driving. Police have already ruled out alcohol or drugs as a factor. Sadly, it seems as if this truly was just an awful accident.

Emily’s Friends Pulled Her Body Out Of ‘Bloody’ Water

One can only imagine what the gruesome scene in the water was like after Emily’s young body was caught in the speed boat propellor. Unfortunately, her friends will have to live with that image for the rest of their lives.

The father of one of the girls on the boat, Sabrina Thurber, 15, revealed that his daughter and her friends had to pull Emily back onto the boat after she was accidentally run over.

“Sabrina had to pull her friend’s dead body out of the water,” the distraught father told the New York Times. “This would’ve been tough for a combat soldier, you know? These are teenaged girls.”

All of the girls are students at Greenwich High School, where Emily would have started her junior year in the fall.

Thankfully, the school district will be offering counseling to the school’s students as they start the year with this horrible death looming over them. Sabrina’s father also revealed he planned to bring his daughter to trauma therapy immediately to cope with what she witnessed.

Our thoughts go out to Emily’s family and friends during this difficult time.

— Lauren Cox

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