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Twista’s New Album The Dark Horse To Change The Game – Interview

Wed, August 6, 2014 2:03pm EDT by Russ Weakland Add first Comment

Platinum-selling rapper, Twista recently released his hit single “It’s Yours” Ft. Tia London from his upcoming ninth album, The Dark Horse. And was able to talk to the talented rapper EXCLUSIVELY about his career! Check it out!

Not sure what you’ll be doing on August 12, but if it doesn’t involve buying Twista‘s new album then you won’t have a complete day. Find out what Twista had to say about his new album and so much more after the jump!

Twista EXCLUSIVELY Speaks To


Propelled to fame by his hit single, “Slow Jamz” (ft. Kanye West and Jamie Foxx), platinum-selling rapper,Twista, quickly captivated the attention of industry trailblazers and put Chicago on the hip-hop map. Now, the Grammy nominated music artist is stepping back onto the scene with his signature double-time rap style that made him an “Overnight Celebrity,” in 2004. Twista recently released his hit single “It’s Yours,” Ft. Tia London. The debut single displays a melodic RnB hook, combined with Twista’s trademark style, introducing the sound and direction of his upcoming 2014 album, The Dark Horse (August 12th, 2014). The Dark Horseis available for pre-sale, July 1st 2014 on iTunes,

So without further ado, take a look at the EXCLUSIVE interview we did below!

What should we expect from the new album?

Twista – You know I’ll drop something sweet for the ladies and then when you hear a little more of the album we are going to get the Twista style to it. It will have different flavors and vibes, I want people to listen to it and see the certain Twista vibe I bring to it. I want to continue the legacy of my style.

Does the album have a complete story or does each song have its own identity?

Twista – On this album each song has its own identity but I am glad you said that because on the next album I want to make it a complete story, make each song tell a part of a full story, I want to get into that vibe! This album is separate and has its own vibe, but wait for it and you’ll see!

You worked with many people on this album like R Kelly and a bunch more. What did some of the talent you brought on to the songs on the album?

Twista – As a creative artist and when you are in the studio you’ll hear it… You get into modes and zones with a certain beat or an idea in your head that you’ll need a certain person on the track. When it comes to my mind I have to rock it and ask them to be a part of it.

Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

Twista – There is a bunch but I’d love to get in the studio with someone like Eminem, that would be hot!

What do you think about Justin Bieber trying to get into the rap game and other non rappers trying to get into the rap game?

Twista – I think that you can look at it as rap music is growing and that so many people are into it, and now with social media and now that rap is in so many different homes, now that so many more people are trying it, so we are now seeing singers rapping in their music, and rappers singing. You have hybrids like Drake and others. So hip hop is growing so its all right!

When do you think about doing your next album?

Twista – Almost immediately! I always have ideas, like what I told you before, the next album will be more of a story. So I am thinking of it right now!

Well consider us first in line for the new album and anything else Twista gets his hands on, we think you should do the same!

Check Out Twista’s “It’s Yours”

So HollywoodLifers, How excited are you for Twista’s new album? Tell us all about it in the comments section! And buy it on August 12th!

— Russ Weakland