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‘Bachelor In Paradise’: AshLee Takes Ownership Of Graham On Night 1

Mon, August 4, 2014 10:28pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 12 Comments

Thought the summer was over when ‘Bachelorette’ ended? Think again! On Aug. 4, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ kicked off and we were reintroduced to 13 men and women looking for love. Let me break down just what happened.

First comes love, then comes Bachelor in Paradise. We knew that when 13 people arrived to Tulum, Mexico to find love, they would also find a ton of drama. However, we weren’t expecting to see one girl — AshLee Frazier, to be exact — to actually admit that the only reason she came on the show was to meet Graham Bunn. However, it didn’t end there — she didn’t want anyone else to even get to know him!

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ — Break Down

Right off the bat, we met the original 13 contestants — seven women and six men. Here’s the breakdown of how the show will work, since it gets a little complicated.

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The men were: Robert Graham and Ben Scott from Desiree Hartsock‘s season; Graham Bunn from DeAnna Pappas‘ season (and Bachelor Pad 2); and Marquel Martin, Marcus Grodd and Dylan Petitt  from Andi Dorfman‘s season.

The women were: Michelle Kujawa from Jake Pavelka‘s season (and Bachelor Pad 1); Clare CrawleyElise Mosca and Lacy Faddoul from Juan Pablo‘s season; and Sarah HerronAshLee Frazier, and Daniella McBride from Sean Lowe‘s season. However, midway through the episode, in walked Michelle Money from Brad Womack‘s season (and Bachelor Pad 2).

And It Begins

Right from the get go, Chris Harrison let the ladies and gents know that if you don’t make a match, you go home. Each week, the girls will get a date card and choose who they want to go on a date with. At the end of the week, the guys will give out their roses, leaving one to go home. Then it will alternate to the men getting the date cards and the ladies giving out roses the following week.

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So, that meant there was no time for waiting around — Lacy jumped right in the water with Liam Hemsworth… I mean Robert, and Clare joked that she should have warned her about making out in the ocean (good one, Clare). Not that that mattered — just a little bit later, Lacy was in the water with Marcus.

AshLee Takes Ownership Of Graham, 24 Hours After Meeting Him

Clare landed the first date card and even though they bonded the night before, she didn’t chose Robert, but instead chose Graham. The most shocked in the house was AshLee, who admitted that she came there for him and was in shock that he would go out on a date after they met. Yes, they had only met 18 hours prior but apparently that 10 minute convo was pretty intense — enough to leave her in her room crying and bashing Clare. Basically, she said every rude dig she could think of, including that Clare wasn’t pretty and that she “slept with Juan Pablo” so she’s obviously going to make a move on Graham. Not to worry, Clare cried it out with a raccoon. No seriously.

However, Clare took the really high road and decided she didn’t want to hurt anyone so she instead, she would take Robert on the date instead. AshLee agreed that that was “fair,” which is obviously the name of Bachelor in Paradise. So to the ruins they went — Clare and Robert onto a vista, even though she didn’t know what a vista was. They had a great time, and I’m pretty sure she smiled more during their date than all of Juan Pablo’s season.

Unfortunately for AshLee, her obsession with Graham was about to get even more rocky, because once Michelle Money walked in, we all remembered the romance she had with Graham when they both were on Bachelor Pad 2. So, she took him off to the side right away and did a secret handshake. So romantic.

Date Nights Everywhere

Here’s a break down of all the rest of the date nights:

Sarah chose Marcus for a super romantic underground oasis. Props to her for being the only woman ever on these shows to bring a one-piece bathing suit — and she looked gorgeous in it! She even kissed him at the end! I totally loved it. Yes, that meant that both guys Lacy went in the water with on night one, both got dates the following evening.

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Michelle Money, who every guy in the house was drooling over, chose Marquel, because — well, who wouldn’t?! They went on a romantic horseback ride on the beach, followed by a picnic under a palm tree. So sweet.

Lacy then chose Robert over Marcus, who was left heartbroken because he was still feeling Lacy… and was still feeling Andi, to be honest! Meanwhile Lacy was too busy making out hardcore in the ocean after a candlelit dinner with Robert.

Are you keeping up?

Every Paradise Island Has Its Thorn

At the end of the episode, it was time for the men to hand out roses. However, Michelle K didn’t even want to wait for that — she said since she felt no connection, she decided to bow out to be fair. In the car ride home, she said maybe she already did find love. (We’ll see that next week, and I promise, it’s going to be good.)

So, here’s who got roses and who got the thorny goodbye:

Marquel gave his rose to Michelle Money; Graham to AshLee (even though she was a little crazy); Dylan to Elise; Marcus to Lacy (which of course, made Robert rethink the connection he had); Robert to Clare (even though he was getting steamy with Lacy); and Ben to Sarah. Yes, that leaves Daniella, and sadly she was sent home.

What did you guys think of the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise? Did you like it? Do you have any favorites yet? Are you still trying to connect everyone? I am too. Until next week!

— Emily Longeretta

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