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Man Charged With Murder: Left Baby He Fostered & Hoped To Adopt In Car

Thu, July 31, 2014 3:32pm EDT by Lauren Cox 8 Comments

Sadly, another baby has been killed after being accidentally left in a car. Anna, a 10-month-old in foster care, was left in her foster father’s car for at least 2 hours before he remembered her. Now, the man who was once planning to adopt Anna has been charged with her murder.

Seth Jackson, 29, made a grave mistake when he rushed inside his home with his 5-year-old son and completely forgot about the 10-month-old foster baby he and his partner, Payton Schroeder, had been hoping to adopt permanently. Now, the father of two adopted children — two boys, 5 and 7 — and foster father to three other children — girls 3 and 5, and an 18-year-old boy — besides baby Anna is facing up to 20 years in prison for her death.

Foster Father Charged With Murder For Leaving Baby, 10 Months, In Hot Car

One man made a fatal mistake that will change his life forever.

On July 24 in Wichita, Kansas, Seth picked up his foster baby, known to he and his partner as Anna, and his 5-year-old adopted son from daycare after work. When he arrived at home, he went inside the house with his son, but somehow managed to forget that the baby he was planning to adopt was still in the car, reports the Daily Mail.

It was at least 2 hours later when something on the television prompted Seth’s memory, in which he immediately ran outside to save the little girl he wanted to keep as his own. Sadly, it was too late — she was already gone.

Temperatures averaged at approximately 95 degrees during the time Anna was left in the car, which means the inside of a car that has been shut off with the windows rolled up could reach at least 133 degrees in an hour. Ultimately, little Anna was left in an oven. Just awful.

Even though Wichita Police have revealed they do not believe Anna was left in the car intentionally, Seth has still been charged with first-degree murder with an alternate charge of second-degree murder, reports Wichita local news affiliate, KAKE.

Seth Is So Distraught Over Mistake ‘He Wants To Die,’ Says Mom

Multiple friends, neighbors, and family members have spoken out on Seth’s behalf claiming they truly believe this was just a horrific accident.

Seth’s mother, Dottie, who adored her foster granddaughter Anna, has openly spoken about how her son doesn’t even want to be alive after accidentally killing his little girl.

“He has no reason to live. He wants to die,” Dottie told NBC News in a heartbreaking on-camera interview. “Seth’s children — that’s his life.”

“His heart will break every time he holds a baby. It’s going to break every time he walks in there and sees the crib.”

You can watch Dottie’s emotional interview below:

Our thoughts go out to Anna’s loved ones at this difficult time. Whether or not this was just a tragic accident, we truly hope to see an end to this fatal trend of innocent babies, children, and even animals being left in hot cars.

— Lauren Cox

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