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‘Game of Crowns’ Recap: Leha & Lynne End Their Friendship

Sun, July 27, 2014 11:30pm EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments
Courtesy of Bravo

Our favorite pageant wives show off their maternal sides on the July 27 episode. What do these crown-wearing moms do for fun with their daughters? Have tea parties, obviously! But it’s not all roses and crumpets when Leha and Lynne eventually part ways.

Like mother, like daughter, or as Lynne put it, “Apple trees don’t grow pears.” On July 27, the mothers take a break from competing for the crown, but not from the drama, when they spend some mother-daughter bonding time. Plus, Leha shows her maternal side while trying to get to the bottom of the alleged death threat rumors surrounding her husband and father of her children, Nick. Keep reading for our full recap of the family-packed episode!

‘Game Of Crowns’ Recap — Lynne Hosts A Mother-Daughter Tea Party 

In Lynne’s Rhode Island home, she has designed a room just for tea parties. She described the decor inspiration as “Cinderella’s ballroom and dress, which are always gold and blue.” If this sounds bizarre to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone, because even Shelley, who was a former Mrs. America, asked: “Who the hell has a tea salon?”

For their first ever tea party, Lynne and her daughter Giulia, 10, looked like fairies, as they wore crowns made out of flowers and got their hair professionally done.

Also in attendance was Shelley and her daughters Mia, 11, and Mady, 9. Both daughters were reflections of their mother — well groomed with matching french braids and pearl necklaces, and appeared to be well versed in proper tea etiquette. 

Isabella, 7, seemed like the closest she has gotten to an etiquette class was when her mother, Susanna, tried to get her to drink tea with her pinkies out. Susanna described Isabella’s actions: “You can’t put a genie in a bottle, you can’t hold her back.” This may explain why Isabella was licking the sugar that was meant for the tea off her plate, and pouring spoonfuls directly into her mouth.

The Daughters Take The Stage At Isabella’s Fashion Show

At the age of 7, Isabella is already hosting a fashion runway show, which she had the other daughters walk in as well.

Giulia was so excited to finally get on a stage, because she has been asking her mother, Lynne, to do pageants and model. Shelley may have regretted the decision to let her daughter walk because she asked herself, “What did I get myself into? What happened to the good old days of piano lessons?”

Susanna encourages her daughters stage craving. She co-wrote a song titled LOL with Isabella, who performed it that night. The 7 year old sang the lyrics, “L-O-L who’s laughing now?” Which Susanna said represents Isabella laughing at her haters of her success. “While I was sleeping, I got $2,000 put in my bank account,” was another choice lyric.

Lynne Claims Leha’s Husband Threatened To Kill Her

“Leha and I are not friends because we share a common love of butt glue and tiaras, I do deeply care about her,” Lynne says. At the tea party, Lynne tells Susanna and Shelley that her and Leha are not speaking after her claim that Leha’s husband Nick threatened to kill her at the Mrs. America pageant.

Leha wants to “clear the air, and hear everyone’s side of the story” regarding the allegations being made about her husband being abusive. First Leha stopped by Vanassa’s home, then she and Nick went to dinner with Susanna and her husband, Tony.

Leha finally goes to the source of the rumors — Lynne. Leha shuts down Lynne’s accusations by letting her know that the other girls said they never heard Nick’s alleged death threat. After being thrown under the bus, Lynne throws the other girls under the bus by telling Leha that they all called her a “40 footer, a pig in lipstick, and a mans-vestite.” Leha lets Lynne know that the “friendship has definitely been lost.” Leha defends her decision by saying: “This isn’t a little white lie, it is potentially life altering.”

This episode reminded us that these women are not just pageant queens competing for the crown, but that they are mothers and wives first, and they will do anything to protect their family.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Leha and Lynne can ever make up?

–Devin Beth Cohodas

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