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Sudanese Mother & 2 Kids Finally Free, Family Receives Pope’s Blessing

Thu, July 24, 2014 11:31am EDT by Lauren Cox 3 Comments

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim has finally escaped her violent death sentence in Sudan. Now a free woman, Meriam and her newborn baby had a one-on-one visit with Pope Francis who blessed both of them and their newfound freedom.

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, 27, was once living in a Sudanese prison cell awaiting a gruesome ending — death by hanging. Now, the mother of two who gave birth to her daughter, Maya Wani, on the floor of the same prison cell she once called home, has finally been freed from Sudan. Meriam and her family — her husband, Daniel Wani, and their toddler son, Martin Wani, and Maya —  were invited to Rome, Italy for a personal meeting with the Pope.

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Escapes Death Sentence, Gets Blessing From Pope Francis

This is such a happy ending to a once terrifying story.

The Sudanese mother who was sentenced to death by hanging for apostasy, as well as 100 lashes by whipping for adultery, is finally a free woman. Reunited with her husband, the family of four were finally able to leave Sudan and move on with their lives.

The Ibrahim-Wani family’s first stop? Rome, Italy, where they met with Pope Francis, who blessed Meriam and her newborn daughter, Maya. In fact, the Italian government sent a plane to pick up the family of four, and the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi greeted her personally at the airport once she arrived in Italy, reports the Daily Mail.

Obviously, this trip to Italy was very special moment for Meriam and her family. Not only did they receive personal blessings from the Pope himself, but Meriam’s death sentence came solely because she refused to renounce her Christianity.

A Sudanese court put the then-pregnant Meriam in a prison cell with her toddler son, Martin, because she declared herself a Christian woman — even though she was born in Sudan, which by Sudanese law makes her a Muslim.

The adultery charge came from Meriam having a child by her Christian husband, Daniel. The Sudanese government would not recognize her marriage to Daniel solely because he was a Christian and an American citizen.

Meriam was originally convicted and sentenced on May 15, and she gave birth to her newborn daughter, Maya, on May 27 inside her prison cell. After her lawyer appealed her sentencing, Meriam and both of her children were released from prison on June 22.

One thing if for sure, freedom looks amazing on Meriam! She looks fantastic now that she is free to be herself and be the loving mother and wife that she was longing to be.

The family of four looked wonderful and very happy to finally be together once again. Congratulations to the Ibrahim-Wani family — your happiness is well deserved!

— Lauren Cox

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