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Boy, 10, Starved To Death & Buried In A Ditch By Cruel Stepmother, 35

Wed, July 23, 2014 5:19pm EDT by Lauren Cox 10 Comments
Courtesy Handout/Dallas County Jail

A Texas woman tortured her 10-year-old stepson by starving him until he was so emaciated he even tried eating his own feces. When the boy died, she dumped his body in a rural area. Now, the convicted cruel stepmother faces life in prison.

Elizabeth Ramsey, 33, hated her stepson Johnathan Ramsey, 10, so much she fed him only bread and water until he eventually died. His body was discovered in 2012, a year after she dumped him near a creek in Dallas, Texas. Elizabeth claims she only starved the boy under the direction of her husband, Aaron Ramsey, 35, who is currently serving a life sentence for his son’s death.

Stepmother Starved Boy, 10, Until He Died Weighing Just 60lbs

This is incredibly sad.

A stepmother now faces life in prison for starving her husband’s son until he died.

On July 22, Elizabeth Ramsey was found guilty of intentional serious injury to a child in the death of her stepson, Johnathan, reports the Daily Mail.

Reports claim that Johnathan was put on a strict diet of rationed bread and water by his father after he started “misbehaving.” The boy’s weight dropped drastically to 60lbs, and reports also claim that he tried eating his own feces in a desperate attempt to curb his hunger.

Sadly, Johnathan, who also suffered from asperger’s syndrome, eventually died from malnutrition.

During her trial, Elizabeth claimed that she was only following her husband’s instructions to cover up the boy’s death. Her husband, Aaron, was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison for his son’s death after confessing that he put his emaciated son in his favorite t-shirt, put his body in a sleeping bag, and added dryer sheets to mask the smell.

Johanthan’s body was not discovered for over a year after being dumped in a rural area.

Johnathan’s Extended Family Reported Him Missing

One thing that is curiously odd about this case is that a little boy was missing for more than a year without anyone realizing it.

However, reports claim that it was Johnathan’s grandfather who finally called police and begged them to check on the boy’s welfare after not seeing or hearing from him for a year.

Johnathan’s father and stepmother originally claimed that the boy had gone to live with his mother, but his mother was also desperate to find her missing son. The woman claimed she had not been allowed to see or speak to her boy for months. So sad.

Our thoughts go out to Johnathan’s biological mother and extended family at this time.

— Lauren Cox

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