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‘Game Of Crowns’ Recap: Leha’s Husband Threatens The Women

Sun, July 20, 2014 10:00pm EDT by HL Intern 7 Comments
Game of Crowns Death Threats
Courtesy of Bravo

We thought the premiere episode of ‘Game of Crowns’ was intense, but it was mild in comparison to the July 20 episode. Last week was World War I, when two wives showed up at the airport in matching jumpsuits. Now, at the Mrs. America Pageant, Leha’s husband Nick is starting World War II — by making threats against the other wives!

Lynne, Susanna, Vanassa, and Shelley are in Tucson, Ariz. to support Leha and Lori-Ann as they compete at the Mrs. America pageant. Vanassa and Susanna decide to put the matching jumpsuit fiasco behind them — they “got on the the plane as friends” and they “want to leave as friends.” The constant competition can make women crazy, but at least they have their husbands and family to keep them grounded, right? Wrong. Leha’s “over-protective” husband Nick is responsible for this week’s drama! Keep reading for our full recap.

‘Game Of Crowns’ Recap: Death Threats & Bets — The Women Make A Bet On Who Will Win Mrs. America

The night before the Mrs. America pageant, Lynne, Susanna, Vanassa, and Shelley put on their best dresses and go out to dinner to celebrate.

Shelley dives right in and asks the ladies if they think Leha and Lori-Ann will place. Lynne nods and says that she thinks Leha will definitely place. Vanassa, on the other hand, disagreed and said she doesn’t find Leha beautiful, and labeled her a “40 footer,” meaning she looks ok from far away, but not up close. Shelley adds that she thinks Leha is man-ish.

With everyone buzzing, Lynne proposes they make a bet on how far Leha and Lori-Ann will make it in the pageant. The winner of the bet will receive $150 worth of Susanna’s jewelry, designer sunglasses from Lynne’s gallery, and an overnight stay at Foxwoods Casino.

The bets went as follows: Susanna said both girls would place in top 10, Lynne said Leha would place top 3, Vanassa said no one would place and Shelley bet Leha would be in the top 10.

Uh-oh ladies! Are you prepared to gamble your friendship away over sunglasses?

Bets & Death Threats At The Mrs. America Pageant

Pageant day is here, and Lori-Ann and Leha take the stage.

With the bets on their minds, Lynne, Susanna, Vanassa, and Shelley get pretty rowdy in their seats while watching the show. Then the results of the bets came in, and the winner showed off her excitement by doing a victory dance in her seat — causing the rest of the girls to break out in laughter and smiles.

Leha’s husband, Nick, who was sitting behind the girls, became furious over their smiling and laughing and assumed it was brought on by his wife. He then barks, “Hey, why is that funny? Why are you laughing?”

Shelley politely responds with, “It’s not funny, its a private thing.”

Nick, even more furious, gets up and tells his family, “I’ve got to get away from these four f***ing tw**s.” He then chargers over to the pageant director and tells him to keep Lynne, Susanna, Vanassa, and Shelley away from Leha.

According to Lynne, Nick tends to be “over-protective, obsessed, and overbearing” with his wife Leha. So while he is out of his seat, Lynne leans in to warn the women: “He carries a gun. If he has a gun, he will shoot us all.” If you think that is dramatic, just wait!

Susanna tries to put an end to the confrontation with Nick by reminding him that he knows who her husband is and that he should not speak so rudely to her. Instead of being rational, Nick’s testosterone takes over and he sternly tells Susanna, “Think your husband can do something? Good luck.”

Things take a scary twist when Leha’s father-in-law leans in close to Susanna’s face and says: “How’d you like him dead?”

All of the attention was on the fighting in the seats between the wives and Leha’s family, rather than what was happening on stage. The fighting got so out of hand that all of the ladies, besides Shelley, left their seats to watch the rest of the pageant backstage, where Nick was not allowed.

So HollywoodLifers, do you think Nick had a right to get so angry at the wives? Or was he totally out of line?

— Devin Beth Cohodas

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