Zendaya Clears Up Rumors About Aaliyah Role In New Video

Fri, July 18, 2014 9:56pm EDT by 9 Comments 20,074 Article Views
Zendaya Aaliyah Movie
Courtesy of Instagram

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Posted at 3:31 AM on August 5, 2014  

im 17 my self and I personally think that Zendaya should of taken the acting part of the beautiful Aaliyah (R.I.P) because she is such a good actor I love watching her on ‘shake it up’ and not to be rude I don’t even no who Alexandra Shipp is tbh. But I guess that’s just part of life I wish the very best to both Zendaya and Alexandra. Aaliyah will always be remembered she was such an inspiration and a true beauty I look up to her so much.

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David Adomson (@SibunaSeason34)

Posted at 7:16 AM on August 26, 2014  

I’m a fan of Alexandra myself, I know this movie isn’t really right but she doesn’t need to be black to be in the role. (she is black but for some people something’s always wrong) I personally think Aaliyah was a talented & amazing person but there’s no need to be hating on Alexandra. This is to all of the fans who annoy the sh*t out of Alexandra on twitter. Dear fans, don’t watch the movie if you don’t want, but stop hating on Alexandra or Zendaya because you don’t know what amazing things they’ve did in their past. They’re both talented and even though you love Aaliyah so much that doesn’t mean you can stop Zendaya nor Alexandra from doing what they want. Don’t reply to this comment because I’ve seen enough of arguments.

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Sedrick Roeshard Gilbert

Posted at 2:39 PM on July 20, 2014  

Zendaya show what an intelligent, strong, and beautiful woman she is with her statement. Wise beyond her years, and there are a lot of people older than her that can learn a lot about grace and respect from this young woman. Hopefully she will go on to find even more success in her endeavors. With her thoughts and views, this Aaliyah project is clearly not right for her, especially with Wendy Williams now on board as EP.

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Posted at 2:29 PM on July 20, 2014  

African american racist, no big shock, the only racism worse is the politically correct non african american guilty liberal reverse racist. I am just shocked any media dared to even suggest that this predominate racism in the USA exists, how else do we explain Obama being elected not just once but twice!

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Posted at 7:42 PM on July 21, 2014  

I’m pretty sure all racism (no matter who it’s done by) is the worst. Racism, sexism, and any type of -ism that is bad isn’t something that evil liberals created. Those things actually do exist. I don’t agree with most liberals either because with them everything has to be PC, but these days people are so caught up in trying to prove every single last thing is PC that they miss when things actually are racist, sexist, or any type of -ist that is bad.

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shaleigha davis

Posted at 1:11 PM on August 18, 2014  

you are very racist and i hope you know that thank you

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Sable Senegal

Posted at 11:23 PM on July 19, 2014  

Zendaya got robbed of the aaliyah role and I’m pissed off by the shoddy way the movie producers tried covering it up.then didn’t waste time replacing her with another actress less known.hope the movie flops, zendaya deserves better than b list lifetime roles anyway!

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Posted at 5:00 PM on July 19, 2014  

Zendaya you were right because if u didn’t approve of this or play Alliyah then don’t you decided. Plus Alliyah is not a superstar Zendaya and ariana and all CELEBRITES and superstars are beter

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Posted at 7:46 PM on July 21, 2014  

Aaliyah wasn’t a superstar? You’re an even bigger idiot than I thought you were. Aaliyah was one of the biggest stars on this planet when she died.

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