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Mother Who Left Two Screaming Children Locked In Hot Car Never Went To Hair Salon

Tue, July 15, 2014 8:53pm EDT by HL Intern 5 Comments
Children Locked Hot Car
Courtesy Of KHOU11

Worldwide reports have stated that a mother left her two children in a hot car while she enjoyed a haircut at a salon on July 14. We have confirmed this is all a giant misunderstanding — the woman accidentally locked her keys in the car, and ONLY left her kids to get help. Witnesses from the hair salon and the mail store next door reveal to EXCLUSIVELY what really happened.

The viral story of the heroic passerby saving two young children from a car while their mother got pampered at TGF Precision Haircutters in Katy, Texas is not true, Meredith Mazor, assistant manager of salon, tells EXCLUSIVELY. The woman was never even IN the salon. Where was she? At Postal Plus, a shipping store next door to the salon — with her kids! “It’s not like she left the kids in the car, no,” Azir Brohi, the Postal Plus manager, tells us. Read on for all the details.

Children Locked From Hot Car: Mother Who Left Kids Never Went To Hair Salon In Hot Car?

It turns out the mother accidentally locked her keys in car by accident after visiting a Postal Plus store — and she is the person who ultimately got her kids out after a few minutes of panic. Here’s what happened. 

“The woman who left her two young children in the car never came into our hair salon. She never even walked in. I was inside the salon when I heard the banging. I saw all these people and someone pulling two little kids out of the car, a Jeep Wrangler. Those kids were so young, like 3 and 4. It all happened so fast,” TGF Precision Haircutters’ Assistant Manager Meredith Mazor tells EXCLUSIVELY. 

Azir Brohi, the manager of Postal Plus next door to the salon (where the mother DID visit with her kids alongside her), confirms this was a huge misunderstanding.

Owner Of Postal Store Says Mom ‘Did Not Do Something Wrong’

Azir has surveillance tape of the incident. He says the mother was running an errand inside his store with her two children. They were holding hands and happily playing. Things went wrong when they walked out.

“It’s not like she left the kids in the car, no” says Azir. “It’s not like she did something wrong.” His employee Heidy Lopez, who witnessed the event, echos what her boss says.

“When she finished, she went outside and was putting her kids in the car like normal. When she was finished putting them in the car seat, I guess that’s when it locked and that’s when everything happened. She was screaming trying to get the little girl to open the door,” she says.

The mother went into the store and frantically asked someone to help her. A customer who was also inside the store grabbed a hammer and cracked the car’s window open. The mother then slid through the broken window herself to grab her children.

“She seemed happy and relieved. She came inside because she wanted to calm down after everything that happened,” Heidy explains.

The police were not called over this incident.

What do YOU think about all of this, HollywoodLifers? Can you believe that such a major misunderstanding turned into such a huge news story? Are you relieved to know the truth? Let us know!

–Reporting by Sandra Clark

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