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‘Extant’: Halle Berry’s Shocking Discovery After Space Mission

Wed, July 9, 2014 6:34pm EDT by HL Intern 5 Comments
Extant Halle Berry
Courtesy of CBS

How do you reconnect with your loved ones, after having limited contact with them for a year? This is what Molly Woods is trying to figure out, since she spent the past 13 months in outer space. On July 9, ‘Extant’, starring Halle Berry, premieres on CBS.

CBS’s Extant is a new drama that combines futuristic elements, Halle Berry‘s beauty and the magic of Steven Spielberg to create a show that keeps viewers guessing and wanting to unravel the show’s mystery. However, are the futuristic elements out of the realm of possibility? Keep reading for our review of Extant. 

‘Extant’: Halle Berry’s Journey Onto Television

Extant is set during an unspecified time in the future with a lot of new gadgets. The most interesting piece of futuristic technology is a robot son who needs his batteries changed, during the first five minutes of the show. However, with all the futuristic technology in the show, it begs the question, does Extant go too far?

Last year, CBS turned out the Under the Dome, which was a huge summer success. And now, CBS is back with yet another summer series in the same sci-fi genre.

‘Extant’: The Series Premiere

The writers of Extant created a strong story line that draws viewers in before the first episode ends.

The series centers on Molly Woods (Halle Berry), an astronaut who returns home after she spent 13 months in outer space on a solo mission. Now, as she readjusts to life on Earth, she tries to reconnect with her husband (Goran Višnjić) and son (Pierce Gagnon). Molly’s experiences in space and at home lead to a series of events that may change the course of history.

The first episode takes place during an unspecified point in time where transparent trash cans compress garbage and television shows can be pulled up on a bathroom mirror. Molly is called into her boss’s office to go through post-mission procedures. After a medical exam, Molly is told that she is pregnant!

Meanwhile, Molly’s husband, John talks to a group of funders about his Humanics Project — an attempt to bridge the divide between human and machine. Molly and John’s son is a byproduct of this project.

The obvious question to keep viewers intrigued here: how does Molly become pregnant when she was the only one on the mission?

HollywoodLifers, will you tune into the series to find out? Let us know if you’re looking forward to watching Halle on the small screen in Extant (Wednesday, July 9, 9/8c, CBS).

— Stephanie Bray 

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