Harry Styles Favorites Pornographic Tweet — On Purpose?

Tue, July 8, 2014 12:02pm EST by 8 Comments

Harry Styles, you are always getting into trouble! The mischievous One Direction member recently favorited a super explicit tweet that caused teenage girls all over the world to gasp!

Harry Styles, 20, favorited a pornographic tweet that got the attention of the entire One Direction fandom. The star then tried to cover his tracks in his typical funny and charming way, of course, but it’s too late — we all see what you did Harry! (And we still love you!)

Harry Styles Favorites Pornographic Tweet

Harry favorited the risque tweet — an X-rated photo, complete with an inappropriate caption — back in May, but it was just recently discovered and Directioners certainly had a lot of say. #HarryDontLickAnything has even become a trending topic worldwide — awkward!

Prior to the incident, Harry had only favorited 9 other tweets, so he had to know that his fans who watch his every move would see it, and have plenty to say about it.

Since the notorious pic made its way onto Harry’s page, he’s done his best to change the subject by favoriting over 10 pictures of puppies and kittens — that is much better Harry! The star even acknowledged the awkwardness by tweeting “Sooooo… The weather?”

Even when he has been caught not being the perfect role model, he somehow manages to be extremely charming and adorable.

Harry’s Tweet– Could It Be A Hoax?

The heartthrob has since deleted the pic, however, the 1D boys also like to prank each other so we wouldn’t be surprised if one of the other members had taken over his Twitter and done the deed! Maybe Harry is just covering his tracks and going along with the joke?

Either way, we love you Harry. Just remember that many of your fans are young girls and don’t need to be exposed to this kind of material!

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Do you think Harry Styles did a good job of covering his tracks? Do you think he meant to favorite the tweet?

– Caitlin Beck 

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Posted at 2:07 AM on July 13, 2014  

lol even if he did…he is still a dude al ot of guys watch porn its no big deal.

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Posted at 3:34 PM on July 12, 2014  

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Bad Words!

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Posted at 1:09 AM on July 10, 2014  

Who care

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Posted at 6:06 PM on July 10, 2014  

I do

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Posted at 5:20 AM on July 9, 2014  

20 year old man likes a pornographic tweet.. world goes ballistic :/ If my brother were to like a tweet like that, he wouldn’t even notice.. because it’s such a common practice between young guys, just guys in general, that it’s too ridiculous to even make a big deal out of. But way to slutify more youngsters, 85% of the preteen world probably sent Harry a slutty tweet that day. Keep ya legs closed ya hoes, guys will only offer you the D.. Make that D for Diamonds.. not dick -_-

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Posted at 10:12 PM on July 8, 2014  

i read that it was the ceremonies

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Posted at 9:55 PM on July 8, 2014  

It wasn’t even him. If you people actually looked or were checking things instead of just writing some story for your heart-less readers than you would know that the band “the ceremonies” said that they did it on Harry’s account and even made a video on their twitter page saying ” Its not Harry’s fault!” That’s even the name of the video so yeah thank you.

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Posted at 7:03 PM on July 8, 2014  

it’s kinda funny tho how unlimited twitter is. that’s you nipplegate fraud america? and the maggots spread their p*ssies on twitter. it’s twisted. but it’s pure industrial. “music” biz or p*rn biz. who gives a sh*t? it’s so common to fall apart. :D

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