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Justin Bieber: Stop Ditching Selena Gomez For Your Past Hookups

Tue, July 1, 2014 6:34pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 35 Comments

Justin, Justin, Justin…isn’t Selena Gomez enough for you?! The Biebs has been ditching Selena to hang out with other girls, and she’s hysterical over it. Is Jelena already headed to splitsville? Click to WATCH!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez just rekindled their romance, but it looks like Justin already has a wandering eye. The singer has been posting tons of photos with other ladies, including ex-hookup Chantel Jeffries, and Selena isn’t in the picture! Speaking of pictures, we can’t forget about that naked selfie, and we bet Selena isn’t happy. Keep reading for more details on this rocky romance!

Justin Bieber: Stop Ditching Selena Gomez For Ex-Hookups

We get it, Justin — you’re a superstar and all the girls want you. But Selena Gomez wants you! So what more could you want?

You’ve been posting pics on Instagram and Shots with other girls and Selena is nowhere in sight, and you know it hurts her! Selena is “hysterical” over you hanging out with Chantel Jeffries again, and we don’t blame her. Chantel is your ex-hookup!

“Justin posted those pictures with Chantel [Jeffries] to hurt Selena,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “He knows how to push her buttons…Selena always comes back to Justin when he treats her mean so there’s no reason for him to change.”

You also weren’t there for Selena when she was scared that an intruder was in her home because you were with other girls.

To top it all off, you posted a naked selfie! If you’re dating Selena, should you really be doing that? We think you should keep those moments private with Sel, and not for the world to see.

Is Justin Already Over Selena?

In our July 1 HollywoodLife Says, Editor In-Chief Bonnie Fuller, Executive Editor William Earl, Senior Entertainment Reporter Chloe Melas and Senior Entertainment Editor Elizabeth Wagmeister debate on Justin’s latest headlines, and we think that he’s got to treat Selena better! WATCH above!

Chloe points out that Justin does this on purpose to upset her — he knows if he makes her mad, he’ll get her back.  William says that Justin is a D-bag and Selena should get revenge by hooking up with other guys (the ladies don’t agree)! Elizabeth says that Justin should slow down with the naked selfies and save it for Selena — they have just rekindled their romance and it’s their time to be intimate. And Bonnie thinks that Justin is still in love with Selena, but he’s not treating her right — his heart is still in it, but another part of his body isn’t!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Justin wrong to ditch Selena for other girls? Should he be focused on Selena and quit flaunting his time with other ladies? Let us know what you think is next for Jelena — will Justin cheat on her or are the other girls no big deal?

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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