‘Transformers: Age of Extinction': Fans Beg For Shia LaBeouf To Come Back

Sat, June 28, 2014 5:42pm EDT by 43 Comments 16,188 Article Views
Shia LaBeouf Transformers Fans Twitter
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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Posted at 9:05 PM on October 19, 2014  

The movie was great… but it would have been a hella better with Shia!!!! I miss him!!! He is my man candy ;) bring him back in 5!!!!!!!!

Kisses to all!! :*:*:*:*:*:*

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Cheryl Bradley

Posted at 12:20 AM on October 8, 2014  

I just seen the movie Mark Wahlberg was good the movie is ok but i just can’t see bumblebee with no one else I missed him so much it made me not even really want to watch the movie but I love Optimus, bumblebee,and the other autobots so im’ma fan.BUT BRING BACK SHIA!!!! He is truly missed

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Posted at 4:08 PM on October 5, 2014  

The 4th installment of The Transformers-Age of Extinction has been the best one yet. Mark Wahlberg was great and I hope he finishes off another trilogy. Full of action, the ending perfectly sets up for two more sequels, and it was nice to have fresh faces on the Hasbro live action movies. The only thing I would have changed would be to somehow mention Shia’s character because of his friendship with bumblebee. That would have made sense about why bumblebee seemed depressed and sad. Overall, great movie. Definitely the best one yet! Keep them coming and keep Marky Mark as the main character!

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Posted at 8:29 PM on October 3, 2014  

I was also very disappointed that Shia was not in Transformers AofE or his character even mentioned. I feel he helped to make the franchise what it is and deserved better. He was so emotionally involved with the robots and it added greatly to the movies. I was not crazy about the story line (the treatment of the Autobots) and found the writing to be lacking. For example, a female geologist mentions the ‘real’ reason for the extinction of the dinosaurs and that it happened 65 million years ago (which is true) but then qualifies it with adding B.C!!! Are you kidding me?!?! 65 MILLION YEARS and she feels the need to add 2000!?! That’s like 3/1000ths of 1%! Also, the robots had such heart in the other movies (the writing again). They fell flat here.
I like Mark Wahlberg but could NOT wrap my mind around him being a nerdy inventor.

All in all I won’t be seeing the next one if Shia isn’t back. At least with him in it I’d give it a chance.

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Sahmantha Beeja

Posted at 9:39 PM on October 1, 2014  

I defiantly think that Shia should be brought back to the fifth transformers, like all these people have been saying it just isn’t the same, its kind of depressing. He played an excellent male role & he’s cute 😘

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Posted at 10:49 PM on August 30, 2014  

I was a bit upset, not that Shia was absent, but that he wasn’t even mentioned in the movie. I think the new cast was exceptional and the movie overall was a hit. I guess we have to switch it up somehow. But after 3 movies with a lead character I feel a sense of longing. It was the same feeling I got when Megan Fox disappeared. I got over it eventually, but was a bit disappointed. Hopefully he makes an appearance in the next movie with some sort of creative connection.

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Posted at 9:30 PM on August 24, 2014  

Yea I think he should be back for transformers 5 I really miss him as well in the fourth one.

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Posted at 11:03 AM on August 20, 2014  

Shia added more drama and intensity.Mark is not as dramatic. It’s not the same without him.

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Posted at 3:55 AM on August 15, 2014  

Slightly better than the second, which frankly sucked, and not as good as the third, which was mildly entertaining. Even with his best heroic effort, Mark Wahlberg could not save this film. He barely managed to be mildly convincing in his earnestness to save his daughter from all the evil humans and machines. Admittedly, this in itself could be considered quite a feat given the incredulous stupidity of what constituted a plot. Family discovers Autobot. Everyone wants to kill Autobot and family. They fail. Autobots save family. Family saves Autobots. Rinse and repeat.

What the first film had, and the third one at times achieved, were Autobots with whom the audience could at least identify. This movie utterly lacked any semblance of the rapport that Shea LaBeouf had established with Bumblebee in the previous films. Here Bumblebee was little more than a caricature. Optimus was dogmatic and stifled. All the machines, the Autobots most especially, were for the lack of a better word, soulless. The movie would have been improved by removing all human/machine interactions. When a Transformers movie would be better without any Transformers in it, then that in itself is sad statement.

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Romana Diana Castillo

Posted at 11:04 AM on August 7, 2014  

I am deeply upset that shia isn’t in transformers. I love transformers because of him and his heroism. I also felt more emotions as I watch shia. Make sure shia labeouf is back in trnsformers 5 or else shia’s fans won’t stand to watch it anymore without seeing him on our screens!

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