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Nancy Grace Shocks Father With News Missing Son Was Found Alive

Thu, June 26, 2014 11:51am EDT by Lauren Cox 9 Comments

Nancy Grace stunned Charles Bothuell IV on live television when she revealed that his son, Charlie, 11, had been found alive— in his own basement.

Charles Bothuell IV sat down for an interview with Nancy Grace on June 25 to discuss his son, Charlie, 11, who had been missing since June 14. However, moments before Nancy’s interview with the distraught father, she received disturbing information about his son’s whereabouts. Click inside to watch Charles’ reaction to his son being found.

Nancy Grace Stuns Baffled Father On Live Television

Wow. What an insane moment for live television.

On June 25, legal news correspondent Nancy Grace delivered some very shocking information to the father of a missing 11-year-old boy from Detroit, Michigan.

When Charles Bothuell IV sat down for a live interview with Nancy, he had no idea that she was about to reveal his missing son’s location — and the news that the little boy was ALIVE.

“Charlie, we are getting reports that your son has been found… in your basement,” Nancy reveals at the very beginning of the interview.

Charles’ expression changes dramatically as Nancy makes this shocking statement, and he is instantly at a loss for words. To be fair, Nancy is just as baffled by this news as Charles is.

Of course, she immediately questions Charles about the whereabouts of his son, and he reveals that his entire home was searched multiple times.

“I checked my basement, the FBI checked my basement, the Detroit Police checked my basement, my wife checked my basement. I’ve been down there several times. We’ve all been checking,” Charles tells Nancy as he gasps for the right words.

Nancy Grace Stuns Baffled Father On Live Television

As Charles was preparing for an interview with Nancy, Detroit Police discovered his son behind a barricade of boxes in his father’s basement.

Apparently, the young man was found with “cereal and soda” nearby, reports NBC.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this, but the outcome – I couldn’t be happier.” Detroit Police Chief James Craig told the press after the boy was found.

He also shared that it was unlikely Charlie would have been able to build the barricade he was hidden behind.

Shortly after being found, Charlie was removed from the home to receive proper medical treatment. There is no word on whether or not the investigation into the boys whereabouts for 11 days will go on.

— Lauren Cox

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