‘Game Of Thrones': Michelle Fairley Reveals Fate Of Lady Stoneheart

Wed, June 25, 2014 1:53pm EDT by 8 Comments 19,324 Article Views
Lady Stoneheart Cut 'Game Of Thrones'
Courtesy of HBO

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Posted at 2:11 PM on June 26, 2014  


you really have no clue what you are talking about

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Posted at 2:10 PM on June 26, 2014  

To cut her out will be the doom of this show. What will now happen with storylines for Brienne, Poddrick,Jaime or Brotherhood without Banners. And i highly doubt GRRM are gonna resurrect cat if she wasn’t important to the overall story. If she is cut then it will be the beginning of downfall

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Posted at 10:44 PM on June 30, 2014  

i agree 100% whos gunna kill brienne and pod if not for lady stoneheart. I will be super dissapointed if we don’t get to see her, it doesnt have to be michelle it can be whoever because we dont see her face. She mostly operates in the background of the 4th book and doesn’t have her own chapter, so 1 or 2 scenes through the whole season 5 would be just fine. I feel she is a mayjor part of the Stark cause and her revenge is what the people want and deserve!. give us what we want and we want LADY STONEHEART.

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Posted at 9:30 AM on June 26, 2014  

I am happy she is not going to be in it. IMO she shouldn’t be in the book either. It was fantastic to read about at the end of book3 and literally Martin went no where with it. Yes, there is this whole brienne and jamie predictament but that can easily be overted in the show.

Lady Stoneheart has zero point to the central plot in the books and would be pointless in the show.

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Miles Underhill

Posted at 4:17 PM on June 26, 2014  

I haven’t read the books yet, but those parts about resurrecting people and black vagina demons killing princes are, in my opinion, really ridiculous parts. The possibility of bringing back someone from the dead only diminishes their death and being able to kill someone miles and miles away is kind of stupid. You can kill anyone like that, anywhere, anytime. I got nothing against magic in a fantasy world, but that is a little over the top.

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Posted at 6:06 PM on June 26, 2014  

But you have no problem that they bring The Mountain back or already had resurrections on the show like Beric. Do you even watch the show because then you would notice this

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Posted at 6:44 PM on June 26, 2014  

You are 100% without a doubt wrong. First and foremost, Lady Stoneheart isn’t Catelyn Stark. She has no more humanity left in her. She’s the prime example of what the cruel world GRRM has created can do to an honest and honorable person. She may not be seen much in the novels, but she is pivotal to the plot and, frankly, her omission from the show makes me worry about her future in the novels too. If she isn’t important enough to be included in the show, her story arc may very well go nowhere, which would be such a waste of a great character. Reading people in the books speaking of the Lightning Lord’s woman, who he kissed and brought to life, was so well placed and intriguing. I find her and the talk of Nymeria’s wolf pack to be the best aspects of Jaime/Brienne’s storyline.
On to why you are wrong about her existence having zero point. Lady Stoneheart is responsible for continuing the fight against Lannisters/Freys/and any other enemies of the Starks. She keeps the fire burning for our northern protagonists to pick up from once they converge back in Westeros. Her omission from the show makes the introduction of Baric/Thoros/Brotherhood all the more pointless. Why even include the Brotherhood if their storyline has now been driven into the dirt? Second, and most important, Brienne was captured by the Brotherhood and given a choice. She chose the sword, which means she will keep her vow to Lady Catelyn and kill Jaime, or at least hold him responsible for his crimes. This is Jaime’s story coming around full circle. He’s climbing out of the pit of scumbags for a chance to redeem himself truly. The Stoneheart storyline also drives Brienne in yet another direction. First she was set out to return Jaime to Kings Landing, and kind of failed. Then she set out to find the Stark girls, only to be captured by the Brotherhood. Is Brienne going to follow Arya across the narrow sea? That wouldn’t make the slightest bit of sense to the story. Then there’s always the possibility that some other character could change Brienne’s storyline, refocusing her attention on Jaime. But who would fill that role? The Blackfish? The Brotherhood? None have the ability to force Brienne’s hand and make her take up arms against Jaime, a man she now admires. Then there’s always the possibility that Brienne and Pod go off and wander the 7 kingdoms for no apparent reason. Arya is now missing, again, but definitely alive. But Sansa is nowhere to be found. She could continue looking for her, but that seems rather pointless too. Sansa is Alayne now and entire segments of Brienne walking around with Pod looking for someone she won’t find seems a waste of time for a show, as Michelle Fairly put it, that only has a finite amount of time to tell its story. It seems to me that adding Stoneheart would save a butt load of time and allow the story to unfold the way it supposed to. And just one more friendly reminder that this show is based in the fantasy genre, which includes magic and resurrection and mythical beasts. I’m sorry if people saw this show as something different but there are dragons, shadow creatures, warlocks, blood magic spells, and resurrection. If Lady Stoneheart was never meant to be introduced they should have left Beric dead after the Hound put his sword through his heart.

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Posted at 10:48 PM on June 30, 2014  

well said

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