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‘The Little Couple’ Season Finale: Jen & Bill’s Emotional Vow Renewal

Tue, June 17, 2014 11:00pm EDT by HL Intern 13 Comments

Another season of ‘The Little Couple’ drew to a close on Tuesday, June 17, with a romantic and fun-filled season finale. Bill and Jen even renewed their vows in a surprise ceremony on the beach in front of the friends and family!

This season has been full of the highest highs and the lowest lows on The Little Couple. From adopting their second child, Zoey, 2, to battling cancer, this family has shown that they are strong and can handle any obstacle that comes their way. On the season finale, Bill goes all out for Jennifer‘s birthday, surprising her with a weekend away in Galveston, Texas, and a vow renewal ceremony in front of their family and friends. Keep reading for all of the romantic details!

‘The Little Couple’s Bill Knows How To Keep A Secret

After a fun filled birthday celebration, Bill re-proposed to Jen and asked her to join him the following day for a surprise vow renewal. Of course Jen said yes, but those were the only details that she was getting out of Bill — and Will and Zoey, though we applaud Jen’s effort at cracking them.

The next morning, the family enjoyed a quiet breakfast where Jen continued to try and put the pieces together of what she could expect to be happening on her big day. Suddenly Bill left and went down to the lobby to get Jen’s dress designer, Project Runway season 2 winner, Chloe Dao.

Jen was shocked when she saw Chloe holding a beautiful dress in her favorite color, tiffany blue.

Jen said, ” I thought the dress was absolutely beautiful. Bill picked out my favorite color blue and he thought of every last detail, and it was just perfect.”

Jen’s mother, Judy Arnold was on hand for the final dress fitting while Bill left to take care of a few last minute preparations.

The glowing bride looked stunning, and tiffany blue was the perfect color on her.

Judy said, ” I didn’t really think to much about the vow renewal, until I saw Jennifer getting dressed. It just hit me that my daughter’s here to do that and it’s such a blessing that she’s healthy and happy and she has the kids and Bill and what a wonderful experience for her to have after all that she’s been through lately.”

We couldn’t agree more, Judy!

Bill Makes A Tough Call

Bill left no stone unturned. In order to keep the surprise from Jen, all of the wedding guests were staying in a hotel across town that way there was no chance of a run-in. While Jen was busy with her mother and Zoey relaxing and getting their nails done, Bill headed over to the hotel to add one more element to this renewal — a flashmob!

Bill had a choreographer on hand to teach the wedding guests a quick dance to surprise Jen with during the reception, it was adorable and everyone caught on extremely quick.

The day was going off without a hitch until Bill got a call from the planner asking him to come to the beach. When Bill arrived the chairs were partly set up, but the wind was blowing at over 25 mph, and it was time to make the final decision of whether to chance the wind of move the ceremony inside.

Bill paced up and down the beach thinking hard about what he should do. Ultimately he channeled Jennifer to make the final call, knowing that she loves the beach and that she would want him to take the gamble, so the ceremony remained on the beach.

A Gorgeous Vow Renewal

Finally, Bill was able to return to the hotel and hurry Jennifer and the kids along so they wouldn’t be late to their own ceremony. Bill even provided the kids with their attire, Zoey, 2, was in a white dress with feathers and Will, 4, wore khaki shorts, a cuffed sleeve button up and suspenders — perfect!

The family headed to the beach where Jen still only thought that it would be them and her parents present for the ceremony. When she reached the top of the dune, all 50 guests stood up and cheered for the entire family. The entire family is blessed with so many people that love and care about them and it was truly touching to see Jen’s emotions when she saw that everyone came out to support her.

Bill said,” Of course I’m thrilled that Jen is in love with me as much as I’m in love with her and that we share something that not everyone is fortunate enough to share. With her the world doesn’t turn. On top of that there are many people in her life who think she is the center of their lives as well.”

With the quartet playing Jen and Bill exchanged beautiful vows to one another just expressing their love and thanked one another for their constant support.

Then it was time to party! Everyone had a great time, eating cake and of course surprising Jen with their flashmob dance, Jen and Zoey even joined and picked up the dance instantly!

Jen said, ” This is like everything you ever want in life right? With the love of your life renewing your wedding vows, your two kids healthy and happy and all of your family and friends right there with you. Oh my gosh life does not get any better than this.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we can’t think of anyone more deserving of such happiness!

What do YOU think, HollyMoms? Were you impressed that Bill was able to keep the vowel renewal as a surprise? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Caitlin Beck

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