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‘Switched At Birth’: Daphne Is In A ‘Dangerous & Compromising Position’

Mon, June 16, 2014 6:09pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 2 Comments
Switched At Birth premiere
Courtesy of ABC Family

‘Switched At Birth’ last ended with Daphne put in the face of danger, but also overcoming her fears. Actress Katie Leclerc spoke exclusively to about what to expect in the June 16 summer premiere. Keep reading to find out!

Both Daphne (Katie Leclerc) and Bay (Vanessa Marano) have a lot to look forward to in the brand new episodes of Switched At Birth. Bay was last seen making out with Emmett (Sean Berdy) — are they now official? And what about Daphne’s love life? Katie tells us, “There’s always time for love!”

‘Switched At Birth’ Premiere: Daphne Is In Danger

In the last episode of Switched At Birth, Daphne was put in major danger when a brick was thrown through Regina’s storefront, terrifying both ladies. On the June 16 premiere, Daphne will deal with the aftermath.

“At first, Daphne is reeling from the vandalism that Regina’s storefront got and the brick that went through the window and missed her by an inch. That was a little scary for her,” Katie tells EXCLUSIVELY. “She is coping with that a little bit and she decides to confront the kid who she thinks did it so it puts her in a dangerous and compromising position.”

Despite her scary situation, Daphne puts on a brave face, just like she did in the midseason finale when she decided to go forth with her career at the clinic.

“I get a great opportunity at the clinic and I am definitely breaking out of my shell!” Katie reveals. “Many fears were met and this season we really go beyond that!”

Will Bay & Emmett Stick Together?

Katie also gave s a little love life update on Bay. Who can forget that sweet kiss?!

“She is definitely in a triangle right now,” Katie told EXCLUSIVELY about Vanessa Marano’s character. “The Emmet and Bay thing and the Tank and Bay thing. She is caught in a Catch-22! She doesn’t want to be with Tank and she wants to be with Emmet, but she doesn’t have any nerve — she has to man up and tell the person who she really likes.”

Will Daphne also be lucky in love? There is hope! “Everyone needs a little eye candy!” Katie says. “There is less boyfriend girlfriend interaction, but definitely eye candy!”

We like the sound of that!

Switched At Birth‘s summer premiere airs on Monday, June 16 (8/7c) on ABC Family.

HollywoodLifers, are you rooting for Bay and Emmett or Bay and Tank? Let us know!

— Written by Elizabeth Wagmeister, Reporting By Russ Weakland

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