‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale: Changes From Book To Screen Were Smart

Mon, June 16, 2014 10:59am EST by 41 Comments
Game Of Thrones Changes
Courtesy of HBO

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Posted at 12:13 PM on August 5, 2014  

I also agree that leaving the Tysha conversation out was a fail. It lessened the moment of drama and changed the plot going forwards. It was the motivation for Tyrion seeking out his father when he was supposed get out of dodge. Also, it changes Jamie and Cersei’s relationship irrevocably. It motivates Jamie to make some major decisions and take certain actions he now has no motivation to do. Why? They will only have to have him find out about Cersei’s unfaithfulness some other way (how and why?). Or his story will unfold in a very different way. Stupid move.

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Posted at 5:14 PM on July 3, 2014  

I can get behind all of it except for the Tysha confession. Even as just a TV viewer that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that the calculating, intelligent and cool headed Tyrion would just be like “well before i GTFO…lets go see dad.” Like the trauma that Tyrion suffered with his marriage to Tysha and those events are pivotal to Tyrion’s character and his relationship with this father, the show tells that story in previous seasons, why bother telling it to not rehash it in a meaningful way? GoT really dropped the ball on this one. it’s what pushes Tyrion into his story post season 4, it’s why he decides to go kill Tywin, it’s the final disconnect of Tyrion from the Lannister name he bares. It’s too important to just cut and feed it down even a TV audience’s throat. Tysha, where did she go? WHEREVER WHORES GO. WHERE DO WHORES GO? A man, a little man, will be on a quest halfway across the world just to answer that question.

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Posted at 12:10 AM on June 21, 2014  

having read the books myself, many of the self-described “fans” see being a book reader as a status symbol and are easily identifiable by their elitism and the hostile pontification in which they aim to both spoil and belittle those who have not read the books. they claim to have read the books but are almost always either lying and have never read the books or have but obsess over trivialities that can be safely excluded, such as targaryens not having purple eyes, the truncated night’s watch oath, kingsguard armor not being gold, daario not having gold teeth, salladhor saan sporting bling status swag and Will being the deserter instead of Gared. a fairly reliable method of weeding out such strident posers is simply to let them self-destruct by way of their outrageous manifesto in which they spend a lot of time harshly criticizing the show for the rare and often perfectly appropriate promiscuity with the source material- yet not once mention the many scenes that were lifted straight from the book down to the word. additionally there are scenes that were moved around, usually to good effect. for example the scene in season 1 in cersei’s quarters in Winterfell in which Jaime and Cersei plot to finish off Bran stark before he can blow the incest whistle- this scene was from a Jaime pov chapter in Book 3 and was contextualized as one of Jaime’s memories. actual book readers pick up on all of these immediately, will spare the rest of us the hostility, and police ourselves from spoiling the show for non-book readers. also there is the challenges of adapting thousands of pages written to be read in a mere 10 hours of story telling re-written to be performed. finally, there are more than a few scenes from the book that the show actually did BETTER than the book and some of the show’s best scenes are not in the book at all, but were written for the show. my favorite being the scenes with Varys and Littlefinger alone in the throne room playing “the game”, the loser being the first one to blow his poker face when the other drops info that he didn’t know his rival knew or information that he himself didn’t know but the other did.

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Posted at 6:21 PM on June 19, 2014  

Majorly fuck NO, they should have told the story about Tyrion’s wife, otherwise the other stuff is way less meaningfull

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is PTSuk! Well, Duh! (@ptsuk)

Posted at 6:20 PM on June 17, 2014  

To all the people who seem to think that the confession from Jamie to Tyrion about Tysha was a fundamental portion of the story need to understand, for the tv version, that at this point there is no “context” for who Tysha is or was. They’ve not, to my knowledge resorted to “flashbacks” to explain things, so bringing up this event while Tyrion is supposed to be fleeing for his life wouldn’t have made any sense. So what they did do was turn Shae into the “love of his life” who was a whore, and had been threatened on many occasions to death if found by Daddy and Sister. So when in the trial that she betrays him was aweful but when found in his fathers bed was 10x more hurtful than anything, and why he ends up killing both of them. In the tv version they turned shae essentially into Tysha, and thus would have made no sense in referring to a prior girl and event and then a confrontation between brothers. If anything it was better served that jamie wish his brother well and left him to escape.

As for the Hound and Brienne fight, i’d much have rather watch read about that than read about how because of his pride and fear of fire that he just dies of a wound (no matter how it happened). Brienne is just that more bad ass now, and like someone else mentioned here that it was befitting he dies just after calling her a dumb bitch, (even though his point was kind of on the mark about ayra’s safety).

they also needed a way to get Ayra on her way to Brovos so would seem plausible.

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David Renovamen

Posted at 3:43 PM on June 21, 2014  

The change of scene between Tyrion and Jaime IS drastic, and I will tell you every reason why. There are numerous mentions of Tysha, one in every season according to the Game of Thrones wiki guide, which I will cite here.

Season 1

At the Lannister battle camp, prior to the Battle of the Green Fork, Tyrion Lannister is playing a drinking game with Bronn and Shae, when Bronn mentions that he overheard while playing dice with some Lannister guardsmen that Tyrion was married once. Tyrion then explains the story of his marriage to Tysha.[2]
Season 2

Prior to the Battle of the Blackwater, Tyrion’s sister Cersei intends to take petty revenge on Tyrion, by capturing the new whore that he has fallen in love with and taken to King’s Landing with him. For a moment Tyrion thinks that she has captured his lover Shae, though it is quickly revealed that she captured the wrong whore, mistaking that Ros was his lover. She Cersei gloats to Tyrion, she references the past incident with Tysha by quipping, “I have your little whore…tell me, have you married this one yet? No? Good. Father will be so pleased.”[3]
Season 3

Tywin forced Tyrion into an arranged marriage with the young Sansa Stark, remarking that it is past time that Tyrion was married. Tyrion angrily snaps back that he was married once, unless Tywin has forgotten. Tywin coldly says that he has not.[4]

Later, when Tyrion is commiserating about his situation with Bronn, the sellsword advises him that it is not the worst situation. Tyrion says that Shae – a whore who became his lover and secretly brought to the capital – will not be happy about his marriage to Sansa. Bronn prods Tyrion with questions, sarcastically asking if he ever intended to actually marry a whore such as Shae. Bronn quips, “how did marrying a whore work out for you the first time?” Annoyed, Tyrion laments, “I should never have told you about that”.[5]

In the books, the unsavory events surrounding Tysha are a main source of Tyrion’s scorn for his father, and again are mentioned IN the show in Season 3, as you can see above. The way the scene was SUPPOSED to unfold is that Jaime, whom Tyrion thought was the only member of their family to have his back, is supposed to admit his involvement in Tysha’s gang rape, and furthermore admit that she is still alive. Tyrion is supposed to feel really emotionally wounded, and lie in response, telling Jaime (falsely) that he killed Joffrey, and furthermore, Tyrion goes on to say that Lancel Lannister has been having sex with Cersei in Jaime’s absence, just to hurt Jaime’s feelings more. This is A LOT of stuff to leave out of the book, for the following reasons.

1. You’ve drastically changed the relationship between Jaime and Tyrion, not for the better in my humble opinion. Tyrion is SUPPOSED to want to leave Westeros, because he feels like he has no one left to trust.
2. To address the point of the article writer, Amanda Michelle Steiner, of why she thinks this is a change for the better, I will also rebuttle. He’s also supposed to want to leave because one of his MAIN motivations once he knows Tysha is alive is that he wants to FIND HER! Otherwise, what reason does he personally have for wanting to go across the narrow sea, much less live? Sure, later on… SPOILER ALERT!!!! I don’t want to be accused of being one of those elitist book readers who shamelessly spoils things for people who don’t read, as I heard another commenter mention. but I need to mention this to make my point, so if you don’t want to know what happens, don’t read further.

Also, on that note, us book readers are not all elitist, and our perspective is very valid. Some people have been reading these books for over 15 years. Martin published the first one in the 1990s, when the vast majority of us were all still on dial-up connections.

How is Jaime going to know Cersei was unfaithful to him? What’s Tyrion’s motivation gonna be about being across the narrow sea? Is he going to sit on a beach in Pentos drinking pina coladas with Magister Illyrio!? SERIOUSLY! How can you all act like this is no big deal!?
________________________SPOILERS BELOW_____________________________________

Later on, Tyrion meets up with a young Targaryen prince who has been in hiding since Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, and advises him. He schemes about meeting up with Daenerys, and how he can play this situation to his advantage. He also ends up being taken captive along with the outcast Jorah Mormont, and goes through some rather humorous scenes with him. Why is this relevant to my point? BECAUSE TYRION DIDN’T KNOW ANY OF IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! So why would he be motivated to cross the narrow sea if he doesn’t know about it, AND he doesn’t think there’s a chance his Tysha might be alive.

In the final scene between Tyrion and Tywin in the books, the reason Tyrion finally loses his temper is because he asks Tywin where he put Tysha, knowing she is still alive. Tywin tersely replies “Wherever whores go.” This is the last straw for Tyrion, who shoots his father. The entire time he’s across the narrow sea, Tyrion repeats his father’s last words in his head as a mantra, to motivate him, over and over, driving himself absolutely mad about where Tysha might be.

I read another article on Game of Thrones (the show) saying that thus far, Tyrion has 1,002 lines, with the next closest character being Cersei at like 530 or something. His importance in the show CANNOT be overstated. Why is all this background/spoiler information relevant? Because the driving forces of the MAIN CHARACTER have been DRASTICALLY CHANGED. I for one cannot believe that GRRM signed off on this, and I actually have some doubts that he did; HBO probably screwed him somehow so they could get their way. Considering how protective he is of his stories and how much he openly despises fan fiction and asks fans not to write it, I would think that this sort of gross deviation from the books would enrage him, and it enrages me. This is basically fan fiction, from the most powerful fans of the books, the HBO writers. They have to have read every page with a fine toothed comb, so they understand their source material, or at least, they SHOULD have if they are good writers. I think this change is just unethical literary behavior and I am totally appalled by it.

Some of the changes I have mixed feelings about, and some of them I even like. For example, cutting the singer Marillion out of the story as the one who Littlefinger framed for Lysa Arryn’s death and having Sansa lie to protect him really made their relationship more interesting, and enriched Sansa’s character, whom I thought was honestly quite whiny and borrowing for most of the books. Tyrion however, is plenty interesting on his own and has a much more direct impact on the plot. Changing his character this way is just sacrilege, and there’s no excuse for it. Same goes if they don’t somehow tie in Lady Stoneheart.

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Posted at 11:04 AM on June 23, 2014  

I 100% agree with you, I could not have said it better myself. It seems that we are the only two who are angered by the change.

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Posted at 10:17 PM on July 1, 2014  

I absolutely agree with you. Tysha’s involvement in Tyrion’s escape was crucial. This conflict about Tysha was the first crack in the Lannister family, and though it was buried, the crack kept getting worse until it shattered in Tyrion’s escape. Not a single Lannister is supposed to like another Lannister at this point (except MAYBE Cersei still loves Jaime) GRRM handled this complicated family conflict flawlessly in my opinion. Unfortunately, I guess the television medium couldn’t handle something like this. They had to dumb it down.

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