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Tori Spelling Admits To Having Tons Of Sex With Dean McDermott

Tue, June 10, 2014 3:54pm EDT by HL Intern 8 Comments

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott share even more intimate details of their marriage. In the ‘True Tori’ lost footage episode, Tori reveals she was doing ‘everything’ Dean wanted from her to satisfy his sex life. Click to WATCH the dramatic sneak peek!

True Tori has already wrapped its season, but a special lost footage episode airs on Tuesday, June 10, and it’s just at heated, as you’d expect. Dean McDermott, 47, storms out of a therapy session and leaves behind his tearful and ranting wife, Tori Spelling, 41. Tori, sitting alone (well, don’t forget about the cameramen), accuses Dean of lying to her shrink and spills why Dean’s cheating was a “slap in the face.” Ouch!

Tori Spelling: Dean’s Infidelity Was A ‘Slap In My Face’

True Tori has shown the world some of the worst moments in Tori and Dean’s marriage, after Dean cheated on his Tori with Emily Goodhand.

From therapy sessions to screaming matches, Tori and Dean have shared some pretty private moments — and sometimes, too much information!

Dean McDermott Has Tori Spelling’s Name Tattooed Above His Penis

In the season finale, Tori revealed that she wasn’t sure if Dean cheated multiple times — and that she shockingly doesn’t want to know. And still doesn’t know.

Then, in the reunion special, Tori revealed that Dean had a tattoo above his penis that said “Tori’s” — we told you, too much information. The couple also admitted that they are still together and trying to make it work.

Tonight, on the lost footage episode, a tearful Tori confesses that she was having tons of sex with her Dean, before he cheated on her so she doesn’t understand why he had to sleep with another woman.

“He was wanting more sex from me. He wanted more adventurous stuff. I was doing everything he wanted,” Tori admits, in the sneak peek video (above). “That’s why when this happened, it was such a slap in my face.”

Tori Reveals Intimate Details On Her Sex Life With Dean

Tori totally crossed the inappropriate line (again) when she went on to say that her and Dean were “doing things I’m pretty sure no married couple of seven years with four tiny kids are doing at home.”

Basically, True Tori has taught us that Dean has a very special tattoo, had tons of sex with his wife and cheated on her with another woman — and maybe more.

The True Tori lost footage episode airs Tuesday, June 10 (8/7c) on Lifetime.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers — was it a bad idea for Tori and Dean to reveal so much of their personal lives on True Tori? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Noelle Trainor

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