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‘PLL’: Will ‘A’ Finally Be Revealed In Season 5? — The Cast Speaks

Tue, June 10, 2014 2:36pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 29 Comments

Happy ‘Pretty Little Liars’ day! After a hiatus that felt like an eternity, ‘A’ is back to haunt us all on the Season 5 premiere. But will ‘A’ finally be revealed? The cast EXCLUSIVELY tells us all of the secrets that they know — Ashley Benson, Keegan Allen, creator Marlene King and more!

Pretty Little Liars finally returns for its fifth season on Tuesday, June 10, and now that Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is back from the dead, we know that she’ll be hunted down by “A” — or could she be “A”? Keep reading because the cast speaks up and tells us if we’ll find out who they’ve been looking for all along.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Returns — Who Is ‘A’?

Season 4 solved one of Pretty Little Liars longstanding secrets — Ali is alive. So now one more huge mystery remains: who is “A”?

It seems like we may never find out so we had to start off by asking the creator of the show, Marlene King.

“There’s a chance that everyone could be ‘A,'” Marlene teased. “Everyone on the show is a suspect.”

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Premiere Recap: Aria Kills ‘A’ — Who Is It?

She continued, “I think what we do really well on this show is fool people into things. Sometimes we tell the truth, and sometimes we tell a lie. The show is called Pretty Little Liars.”

Aint that the truth! But we’re dying to know the real deal so we went to the cast to see if they had any “A” intel.

‘PLL’ Cast Reveals Everything They Know About ‘A’

No surprise here — if the show’s creator won’t tell us who “A’ is, the cast definitely doesn’t know either! Or so they say…

But, we did get some scoop from Ashley Benson (Hanna), Tyler Blackburn (Caleb), Keegan Allen (Toby) and Vanessa Ray (Cece) on all that they about the show’s biggest secret.

“Cece is good and evil,” Vanessa Ray told EXCLUSIVELY (watch her interview above). “I feel like sometimes we know who ‘A’ is and sometimes we don’t. I thought I was ‘A’ for a long time. I was sure I was ‘A’ — well, I might not disappoint.”

So there is still a chance! The actress also told us that she wouldn’t be surprised if Ezra (Ian Harding) was still the villain, even though the liars discovered that he wasn’t, at the end of Season 4.

“I think it would be great if he was still ‘A,'” she said, adding that she has another pick that she won’t reveal. “I won’t say because I might be right.”

Will ‘A’ Ever Be Identified?

Tyler Blackburn, who returns on the 100th episode this season, told that the show needs to reveal “A” no matter what. “I would not be cool with that!” Tyler told us, referring to “A” never being found out. “I still love the show but if “A” was never revealed I would pull my hair out!”

Keegan Allen agrees. “I think we have a responsibility to our viewers that we have to reveal something like that, but you never know and it could be a complete enigma and never find out! I don’t know, but I would like to find out!”

Ashley Benson, on the other hand, has an entirely different idea — what if “A” wasn’t even real?

“I think it would be funny if it was a dream the whole time,” Ashley told us EXCLUSIVELY. “That would be really cool. I think either way the fans would be shocked either way!”

During Season 4, Ashley told that she would actually like to be the mysterious bad guy: “I always say that I wanted to be ‘A.'”

HollywoodLifers, who do you think “A” is? Would you be upset if the show never revealed the identity? Let us know — could it be one of the girls?!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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