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‘Faking It’ Finale: Katie Stevens & Rita Volk Reveal ‘No One Is Safe’

Tue, June 10, 2014 5:05pm EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment
Faking It Season 1 Finale Spoilers
Courtesy of MTV

Are you ready for ‘Faking It’s June 10 season finale? spoke to Katie Stevens and Rita Volk who revealed EXCLUSIVELY that ‘no one is safe,’ and there will be a major cliffhanger.

Katie Stevens, 21, and Rita Volk, 23, are spilling all of juicy secrets from Faking It‘s season one finale, which airs on June 10 at 10/9c. Is Amy finally going to come clean with Karma? Who will Karma choose — hunky Liam or her BFF Amy? Click inside for the goods!

‘Faking It’ Season 1 Finale — Katie Stevens & Rita Volk Interview

If you were hoping for answers from the Faking It season one finale, don’t hold your breath. spoke to Katie and Rita about the exciting finale, and they shared with us that the episode is going to be intense!

“Things will definitely be revealed for all the characters. No one is safe in this finale. I think everyone has a secret, and something that they’re dealing with in this episode and it all comes out,” Katie told EXCLUSIVELY.

Oh man. Are you as nervous about that answer as we are?

“I will say that secrets are revealed, and we are all excited to see how everyone deals with these reveals,” Rita teased.

We poked and prodded in hopes the girls would elaborate further, but sadly they were total professionals. However, Katie did share with us that there is a “gigantic” cliffhanger at the end of the season one finale.

“Fans are going to freak out,” she said.

Gah, Katie, you tease!

This could mean SO many things. As far as the finale’s cliffhanger, what could it be? We’re guessing it has something major to do with Karma and Amy’s faux-lationship. Could there really be a chance for Karmy?

Katie & Rita : Karmy Might Be On The Rocks Permanently

We know what you really want to know about: the epic love triangle that is Karma, Amy, and Liam.

As you know, the episode before the finale ended with Karma finally handing her V-card over to Liam despite still being in a “relationship” with Amy. But during the season finale, Liam plans on crashing Amy’s mom’s wedding so that he can hang out with Karma — who he is totally head-over-heels for.

So, it sure sounds like Karma is going to be faced with a major decision during that wedding reception! Who’s it gonna be — Liam or Amy?

“I think it would initially cause some heartbreak for Karma because she was so oblivious to her friends feelings, and obviously there may be some awkwardness, but Karma loves Amy and she would fight for their friendship,” Katie explained.

“They are at a crossroads in a situation neither know how to handle,” Rita also shared.

One thing is for sure: the season one finale is going to be an emotional trainwreck. Between Amy finally coming clean with Karma, Liam crashing the wedding, Karma being forced to choose between her BFF and her first crush? Yeah, it’s definitely going to be a rough one.

Thankfully, no matter what happens during the season one finale, Faking It will be back with a brand-new season two before you know it!

Be sure to tune in for the Faking It season finale on June 10 @ 10:30/9:30c only on MTV. You can also join girl group Fifth Harmony during the finale since they will be live tweeting all about it on Twitter!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers — Is there a chance for Karmy? Will Amy finally come clean about her feelings for Karma? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Lauren Cox

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