‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Kody Brown Forbids Daughter To Kiss Boyfriend

Mon, June 9, 2014 2:07pm EST by 8 Comments
Sister Wives Season 5 Premiere
Courtesy of TLC

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Sonia kat montini

Posted at 3:07 AM on July 15, 2014  

Christine been drinking a lot red nose

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Posted at 8:55 PM on June 25, 2014  

Last season Meri had decided she did want another child…. Kody said no….this season Robin says she needs help with the business if she is to have more children Kody agrees…

Meri go back to school and loose these two…. Robyn and Kody how insensitive your both jerks

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Posted at 6:45 PM on June 23, 2014  

I didn’t see this episode, but just a couple comments on the article

First, I can well believe Kody misspoke about what is a very simple thing, and something the parents should have discussed with their kids long before now. Nature is focused on reproduction of the species. While some folks succumb easily, and others are able to wait, such simple things as kissing, holding hands, etc are stimulants to the process. If you want to wait until marriage, you need to curb these activities.

Second, I am very happy to see Meri trying to get on with a career. She’s had little interest in the web business and should follow her own interests. I like Robyn very much, but I see her as a bit naive in wanting to start a business that the whole family will support. Working with relatives is always tricky. A husband and wife business has enough stresses; a husband and 4 wives business will have all the more. Let Meri go and say nothing to her except to wish her happiness and thank her for whatever support she has given to date. She may still be able to support the business, but let it be in whatever way she is inspired to do. Robyn may be better off looking at some of the older kids, especially if any aren’t sure what they want to study yet and maybe would like to work for a while; or who would view it as an internship while they are in college, such as work a term, study a term. Involving the next generation is far more productive towards making this a family business than making other wives feel guilty if their interests are elsewhere..

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Posted at 12:17 AM on June 16, 2014  

Good for Meri. I think each of the “wives” should lead their own life independent of the others. Robyn irritates me because she thinks the entire family should kowtow to her and thinks she is the most important member.

No, the anti-kissing rant will not have any influence on John & Mykelti’s relationship. They are teenagers…and will do whatever they want to do. Kody proved to us during his rant that he is ignorant.

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Paula woodley

Posted at 4:14 AM on August 28, 2014  

Oh boy, do I agree with you. She tears up at every opportunity, patronises Meri until I could punch her light out and is only happy if she is spilling her guts for all, including the children. Meri and Jannelle, get out NOW. Your kids will be better off adnd so will you. Leave the idiot with the other 2 drama queens, he will run after about a year. Meri, you are the Wife under the law, for what it’s worth, and Jannelle you definitely donor need him or the other 2 drama queens. You don’t say much, but a still tongue keeps a wise head and I think that is what you have. Get out you 2 with the kids. He only has to divorce you Meri,make him pay, and Jannelle, cut your hard earned losses and go.

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Zeli Hudson

Posted at 1:12 AM on October 10, 2014  

Oh yes, Meri, Janelle and Christine can all do a lot better than that jerk, they all ought to get out and leave him and Robyn together, she seems to be his favourite and they deserve each other anyway, the thin lipped drama queen and the idiot. Out of interest , I wonder if Kody had those jerky Rooster like head movements when he had the short back back and sides, or did he only develop it to flick his hair around when he grew it. I have to admit the series fascinates me though, I love the challenge of trying to figure out what the first 3 wives see in him. Are the women regarded as equals, and if so can they take another husband??

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Posted at 11:11 PM on June 11, 2014  

He is so self centered he wants everything to be about him Robyn just cries all the time for the dumbest reasons to I’m glad Meri going back to school it will be good for her The second wife is the only one that has her head on right she worries and works her butt off to support all her kids the third one is finally seeing light they should all go there separate ways

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Posted at 2:13 PM on June 9, 2014  

The man is a true moron.

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