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Slender Man Stabbings: Girls, 12, Believed He Would Kill Their Families

Tue, June 3, 2014 4:55pm EDT by Lauren Cox 18 Comments

Morgan Geyser, 12, one of the alleged ‘Slender Man stabbers,’ believed that Slender Man, a fictional character, would kill her family if she and friend, Anissa Weier, did not murder another of their friends. has obtained a copy of the criminal complaint, which is filled with even more shocking statements.

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, both 12, from Waukesha, Washington allegedly plotted to kill their best friend for over four months before allegedly attacking her in the woods and stabbing her 19 times. Both girls now face murder charges, which carry a sentence of 65 years in prison, if found guilty. In the official criminal complaint filed by the State of Wisconsin, the girls make some very bizarre statements — including their belief that Slender Man, a fictional character created on the Internet, would come to kill their families, if they did not murder their friend.

Slender Man Stabbings: Girls Believed He Was Following Them

The more we hear about this horrifying incident, the crazier it all seems.

In the official criminal complaint filed against Morgan and Anissa by the State of Wisconsin, on Monday, June 2, we learn more terrifying details of their alleged murder plot.

After the incident, Morgan allegedly told the detective who interviewed her, that her friend and alleged co-stabber, Anissa, urged her to kill their friend, or Slender Man would come and slaughter their families.

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Morgan also told the detective, according to the criminal complaint, that she believed Slender Man was following her, and that she often saw him in her dreams. She also claimed that she saw him when no one else did.

When the detective asked Morgan to describe Slender Man, she told him that he can read minds, teleport, and that he had sharp “tendrils,” according to the criminal complaint.

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All of Morgan’s statements to the police are disturbing.

Anissa Introduced Morgan To Slender Man Online

Morgan’s alleged co-conspirator, Anissa, was also interviewed by a detective, and her statements were equally troubling.

Not only did she tell the detective who interviewed her, according to the criminal complaint, that Slender Man was the “leader” of Creepypasta, a website that features fictional horror stories submitted by different users, but she also claimed that she wanted to be Slender Man’s “proxy.”

According to Anissa, in order to become one of Slender Man’s proxies, you must murder someone. The girls started plotting their friend’s murder, in December, 2013, according to the complaint.

Anissa also informed detectives that she is the one who introduced Morgan, to the Slender Man stories online.

Fortunately, the young girlfriend whom Anissa and Morgan allegedly attacked survived 19 brutal stab wounds, and somehow managed to crawl out of the woods to find help. She is now recovering in the hospital.

— Lauren Cox

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