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‘True Tori’ Reunion: Will Tori & Dean Split? — Truth Revealed

Tue, June 3, 2014 10:10pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 19 Comments

‘True Tori’ has not only put Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott through a whirlwind of emotions, but also viewers! The troubled couple has gotten tons of backlash from fans for exploiting themselves. So what’s the truth? Read on for all of your burning questions — answered!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have put it all out there, and now it’s time to really come clean. Are they still together? Will they get a divorce? Has Dean cheated again? Did he really only cheat with one woman or were there multiple ladies that Tori didn’t know about? True Tori wraps up with the most telling episode of all — Dean comes with a big surprise!

Why Is Tori Still With Dean?

The elephant in the room was addressed right away — why is Tori still with Dean?

Tori explains that she gets angry when people ask her that question because it’s not that easy. She has a family and “four little beings” to take care of with Dean.

“I’m also in love with him,” Tori admits. “I can’t go back and take back eight years.”

Is Tori Actually Surprised Dean Cheated? (They Were Both Married When They Met Each Other!)

Tons of viewers have lashed out at Tori wondering how she could be upset at Dean when she herself (and Dean!) had an affair when they got together! Does Tori realize that this might be karma? A taste of her own medicine?

“Obviously what happened was hurtful to other people, but you can’t help when you fall in love with someone,” Tori explains. “I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

Hmmm…can’t Dean say the same thing right back to Tori?

Why Did Tori & Dean Have Their Kids Televised?

Tori does not feel bad about putting her young children on the show. She says that the kids have known the cameramen forever — actually she’s known the crew longer than she’s known her own kids! (Why, of course!)

“It’s not an uncomfortable situation for them,” mommy dearest says. “They have a good time.”

Tori, however, does say that if her kids ever asked to stop, she of course would. Her kids mean the world to her…so much so that she wants her kids to watch the show when they’re older so that they can see how mommy and daddy got through the tough time. “I’m proud of the woman I have become and I want them to see that.”

Why Didn’t Tori Ask Dean If He Cheated With Multiple Women?

Cue the tears! Right when Tori is asked why she didn’t question Dean about multiple women, she begins to cry and says that she is afraid to find out so she never asked.

“I was afraid. I’m still afraid,” Tori admitted. “I feel like there’s no good answer. If he says that there weren’t any other women, I don’t if right now, I can believe him and trust that that’s true.”

Tori does say that she’s ready to ask Dean now, and she will on the reunion…

…Oh wait, fast forward and she doesn’t ask. Thanks, Tori, for the false hope — now we’ll never know! (Until next week’s lost footage episode, that is?)

Was Dean’s Affair Fake — All Made Up For TV?

Most viewers thought it was pathetic that Tori and Dean decided to broadcast the aftermath of his affair on national TV, but some thought it didn’t even happen! Was the cheating scandal completely made up for publicity?

“I wish she didn’t exist,” says Tori. “I wish it hadn’t happened…I don’t know who would fake something to have this happen to your life.”

So then why can’t anyone effectively google Emily Goodhand?

“People get their histories scrubbed all the time…there are things you can do to erase your profiles online,” explains Dean. “She exists.”

Mhmm. We’re sure she does, Dean.

What’s Dean’s Big Surprise For Tori?

Some people were expecting a new wedding band, others were expecting divorce papers. But that’s not what Dean delivered on the reunion.

He showed off his hot bod for his wifey — with tattooed wedding vows on his rib cage, just to match Tori’s! (And don’t forget, Dean also has Tori’s name tatted right above his…yep, you guessed it.)

Dean leaned back, lifted up his shirt, basked in all of his glory and Tori read the fresh ink aka her vows that she wrote to Dean — the ones that he broke. Dean promises that he’ll never break those vows again. (But he broke our eyes a bit.)

But wait, there’s more! Dean has another surprise! Is it Emily Goodhand in the flesh?!

Nope, it’s just Dean serenading Tori. That’s right — if you stuck through the entire episode, you would have been lucky enough to see Dean singing a song to Tori. (Let’s hope that he’s better in the kitchen — ahem, Chopped Canada — than he is on the guitar.)

Do Tori & Dean Still Sex?

So has the couple had sex since Dean’s cheating? “I don’t want to answer that,” Tori says, insisting it’s too personal.

That totally makes sense coming from the woman who starred on an entire season of True Tori, right?

HollywoodLifers, are you happy for Tori and Dean that they’ve seemingly worked things out or do you think that they’re past the point of no return? Let us know if you think True Tori was too exploitative or if it was a good idea for the couple!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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