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‘Hardcore Pawn’ Star Ashley Gold Wants To Be On Dancing With The Stars

Tue, May 27, 2014 3:15am EDT by Russ Weakland Add first Comment had the chance to speak with ‘Hardcore Pawn’ star and you won’t believe what she had to say, it’ll make you love her and the show that much more!

One of the best shows on TV is currently on its 8th Season and got to speak with everyone’s favorite daddy’s girl Ashley Gold EXCLUSIVELY on so many fun topics. Make sure to check out all the fun after the jump! Speaks EXCLUSIVELY With Ashley From ‘Hardcore Pawn’!

With the top show on Tru TV the Gold family, stars of hit reality series “Hardcore Pawn,” wheel and deal with mass appeal. Les Gold, Seth Gold, and Ashley Gold run the largest pawn shop in Detroit- and between the colorful customers, the unpredictable employees, family drama, interesting (and sometimes downright dangerous) items up for sale- there’s never a dull moment at American Jewlery and Loan. And spoke EXCLUSIVELY about life in the Pawn world. Check it out below!

When you are noticed outside of the store and the show, what are some fun things that have happened to you in those experiences?

AB – 100% If it wasn’t for our fans we wouldn’t have a show! I never say No to a fan or a customer when they approach me for a picture or an autograph, I am so grateful for that and I was just out of town and someone stopped me on the airplane and they offered to sell their ring to me. I normally would, I am usually very good with that when it comes to fans or customers outside the store, because if it weren’t for them then we wouldn’t have a show!

This show opens doors, and with its popularity you can write books, you can host other shows, you can even be on Dancing with the Stars, what other things would you like to do thanks to this show and the opportunities it brings?

AB – It is my dream to be on Dancing with the Stars so hopefully I can accomplish that goal someday! I am also doing a podcast called ‘Pawn Chick Radio’, my opportunities with that lead me to interview celebrities and find out what they are doing in their lives and I can and also add to it what is happening in my life. Its fun!

How cool is it to be a strong woman on TV?

AB – I work in a male dominated industry and you have to be strong minded and have a thick skin. I made this decision to go into the family business a long time ago, I deal with a lot and being a female I deal with a lot but with that said as long as you put your mind to things, whether you are a guy or girl, you can do it!

Who are some of your favorite people in music and TV?

AB – I love listening to Elton John! He is one of my favorites, he gets me going! I love all of his songs and I try to go to all his concerts that I can!

Has DWTS asked you to be on the show?

AB – Not yet! They have not, make sure to put in a good word. Put me on the show and I will dance with anybody. I think I can do it!

What will we see next from the show that we may have not seen before?

AB – We bring in a new family member that I might butt heads with, you’ll have to watch! Its a female and we butt heads!

Well we are definitely looking forward to that and her joining DWTS. But we also can’t wait for the new season, it sounds like it will be EPIC!

So HollywoodLifers, Make sure to tune into the second half of Hardcore Pawn’s 8th season starting on May 28 on Tru TV. For any and all info on the shop and the show, make sure to check out their website at

— Russ Weakland