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‘Petals On The Wind’: More Twisted Than ‘Flowers In The Attic’?

Mon, May 26, 2014 4:00pm EDT by Elizabeth Wagmeister 26 Comments

Off the heels of the success from Lifetime’s ‘Flowers In The Attic,’ sequel ‘Petals On The Wind’ premieres on Monday, May 26. Is it just as twisted as the first film?

We’ve taken to the industry’s critics to see if Petals On The Wind is worth tuning into this Memorial Day weekend. Keep reading to see what the experts have to say — is it the perfect guilty pleasure? Plus, click to WATCH the insanely dramatic trailer!

‘Flowers In The Attic’ Sequel ‘Petals On The Wind’ Premieres On Lifetime

Lifetime’s Flowers In The Attic shocked viewers with its twisted family drama, to say the least. Now, the kids are all grown up and they’re speaking their minds and taking on even more salacious sex scenes. Think pregnancy, a miscarriage, marriage propsals, domestic violence and a car accident. Yep, it’s that kind of crazy.

Heather Graham returns as Corrine Winslow and is joined by Pretty Little Liars‘ Wyatt Nash, Once Upon A Time‘s Rose McIver and, of course, the ever-so-evil Ellen Burstyn.

So is the sequel just as insane, as the first soapy smash? See what the critics have to say!

‘Petals On The Wind’ — Just As Twisted As ‘Flowers In The Attic’?


“Hitting the air a mere four months after Lifetime scored a ratings bull’s-eye with guilty pleasure literary adaptation “Flowers in the Attic,” sequel “Petals on the Wind” certainly looks and feels like a rush job, but nevertheless improves on its predecessor in nearly every way. Where “Flowers” was airless and po-faced, “Petals” is manic and sudsy, speeding through a treasure trove of sleazy plot twists like CliffsNotes on crack. No one’s going to mistake this for high art, but as enjoyably trashy TV goes, “Petals” is more artful than it needs to be.”

Cinema Blend

“On the bright side, as was the case with the new adaptation of Flowers in the AtticPetals on the Wind does make a strong effort to capture the source material…But the pacing is rushed and jerky, and the jump forward doesn’t allow us much time to re-immerse ourselves into the story or get to know these characters ten years after the events of Flowers in the Attic.  

A.V. Club

“When Lifetime took a chance on an adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ modern Gothic novel Flowers In The Attic earlier this year, it ended up with an oddly subdued take on the inherently pulpy premise. Though the execution was hit-and-miss, the ratings were a smash for the network—over 6 million viewers…Ellen Burstyn (who singlehandedly dragged the previous effort into interesting territory) lights up every moment of screen time she can get her hands on; Grandmother may be infirm but she’s no less damaged or blisteringly dry. As Corrine, Heather Graham continues in a performance that’s become an accidental masterpiece of performative blankness, studded with bursts of overt hostility and occasional guilt, and delivered in a hypnotically practiced cadence.”

Petals On The Wind premieres May 26 (9/8c) on Lifetime.

HollywoodLifers, will you be watching? Let us know!

— Elizabeth Wagmeister

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