Ryan Hunter-Reay: ‘Captain America’ Wins Indianapolis 500

Sun, May 25, 2014 3:33pm EST by 3 Comments
Ryan Hunter Reay Indy 500 Winner
Jonathan Ferrey/Sport/Getty Images

The 98th running of one of the most hotly contested races in the sport of formula one racing ended with a huge victory for Ryan Hunter-Reay. Ryan managed to capture the Indianapolis 500 victory in commanding fashion over stiff competition.

This year’s edition of the Indianapolis 500 on May 25 was riddled with crash after crash, but that didn’t stop the man, whose nickname is “Captain America,” Ryan Hunter-Reay from taking a commanding lead with just 3 laps to. Ryan came out with the big “V” for one of the best race finishes of his career.

Ryan Hunter-Reay Wins 98th Indy 500

Ryan snagged first place from Helio Castroneves in what turned out to be an epic last eight laps. After the restart Ryan was in first place, Heilo was in 2nd, and Marco Andretti was third.

“This is just a dream come true,” Ryan said after the race. “I’m just a proud American boy.”

With four laps to go Helio took the lead but with just two laps to go Ryan stormed to the front. The two battled each other for the lead but Ryan never relinquished his position.

The Florida-born racer took the checkered flag lap and never looked back.

Beccy Hunter-Reay was just as overjoyed, if not more so, after her husband took the victory.

“He deserves this so much,” Beccy screamed. “I just can’t believe we won the Indy 500.”

Second place finisher, Helio, took his loss with grace and made sure to give Ryan his congratulations, “finishing second sucks but today — today was Ryan’s day,” Helio explained.

– Bryant Perkins

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