‘Law & Order SVU’: Benson Reunites With Det. Munch In Emotional Finale

Wed, May 21, 2014 5:20pm EST by 13 Comments
Law & Order SVU
Courtesy of NBC

Season 15 of ‘Law & Order: SVU’ has seen tons of changes, but on the May 21 finale, a familiar face is coming back — Detective Munch! Click to WATCH a clip from tonight’s finale.

Can somebody give Mariska Hargitay an Emmy already? Sergeant Benson (Mariska) wraps up an extremely emotional finale of Law & Order: SVU on May 21, coming face-to-face with motherhood. Plus, Detective Amaro (Danny Pino) is in big trouble and may end up behind bars.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Finale: Detective Munch Returns

What better way to wrap up a season than by bringing back a fan favorite? Detective Munch (Richard Belzer) is returning for the final episode of Season 15, and it looks like a tear-jerker.

Detective Amaro’s future is in jeopardy, after he lost his temper with a suspected pedophile and beat him up, in a previous episode. The man was not convicted, but Amaro had the victim in mind and freaked out, resulting in his arrest. 

This week, Amaro is orange jumpsuit-clad and facing charges of attempted murder. Bring in Munch!

“We’re police. We fight for the victims,” says Munch in the finale trailer, who appears to have returned to help out Amaro. But will it be too late?

In happier news, Benson has the chance to start a new chapter of her life: motherhood. Being involved in the Baby John Doe case for months now, Olivia will finally get to face her dream of becoming a mother. The baby has been bumped from foster home to foster home, and Benson could be the perfect mom for the sweet child who she’s taken a great interest in. She asks Munch if he’s ever thought about having kids. It seems like Munch may just be the voice of reason!

HollywoodLifers, WATCH the finale trailer above, and let us know if you think Benson should get the baby! Will she be a good mother? Could the child help her? Plus, is this the end for Amaro?

– Elizabeth Wagmeister

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Posted at 1:10 PM on June 17, 2014  

Regardless of what any of you think the show has it’s highest rating since 2006 depending on which age group you are looking at and certainly since well before Meloni left. Does Hargitay deserve and Emmy? Yes, but not for the entire season, but for at least two of the eps. No one ever claimed the show was the same, but move on from angry white guy who is only good in that type of role and didn’t grow as an actor for 12 seasons which is why he hasn’t done anything after SVU.

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Ana Carla

Posted at 6:36 PM on May 24, 2014  

Some people think Mariska as if it were the show. I agree that SVU is not always brilliant. But Mariska is always acting. His performance this season makes it worthy of an Emmy. And I agree with Sara. I see many fans Meloni unload all his venom against Mariska. With she was responsible for the output of the actor. Meloni left because he wanted to. Naturally he thought an irreplaceable actor. So he is not. SVU has survived after his departure and still can, after 15 seasons, having an average of 6.5 million people tuned. I think Meloni left because he could not stand, spending 12 years of being overshadowed by the talent of Mariska. She has 25 nominations for the award for best actress for Olivia Benson. Meloni just one.

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Bridgette Rodriguez

Posted at 5:50 AM on May 23, 2014  

I ended up watching the show as my son turned it on while visiting, and I can firmly say that it was far from Emmy worthy acting on Mariska’s behalf (or anyone else’s). While the last scene (Olivia being allowed to be a foster parent) was well past due from a script standpoint, the rest of the show and writing was poor and was soap opera quality. My, how far SVU has swayed from the once respectable procedural it was.

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Posted at 12:47 AM on May 22, 2014  

An Emmy??? Give it a rest. She soooo overacts everything that I quit watching. It stopped being SVU and started being the Det. Benson show. Its tiresome especially when surrounded by other great actors.

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Posted at 1:12 AM on May 22, 2014  

It’s sad that people got so bitter with Chris Meloni left. He chose to leave, and Mariska Hargitay is doing as well as she did when he was on. If you have a problem with the writing blame the show not her, but chances are nothing will please the people who are still bitter about Meloni’s departure and the show being able to survive without him.

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Posted at 2:19 AM on May 22, 2014  

Why are you blaming this on Meloni? Seems that you’re the one who’s bitter here, since you brought him up. No one else did.

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Posted at 2:43 AM on May 22, 2014  

Re: Liv, why would I be bitter? SVU has lasted many years with Mariska as the main player, which apparently upsets some. I’m not sure what would have been expected considering the show was so far along; there was no way to completely replace him so obviously the focus would then be on Olivia, as well as slowly incorporating the new supporting characters. The ones who usually make a point to complain about it being the Olivia Show are the ones who stopped watching when Chris Meloni left. No need to bring him up, viewers rarely picked on her until he left, and yes that boils down to BITTER.

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Posted at 6:41 PM on May 24, 2014  

I totally agree with you Sara. Meloni fans (not all) are ridiculous and revolting.

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Posted at 6:39 PM on May 24, 2014  

That comment just shows how much you are scorned with Mariska. Must be certainly more a frustrated fan Meloni. Especially now that he had his canceled series..

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Posted at 11:16 PM on May 21, 2014  

Please no custody battle for this baby. It concerns me she’s adopting a baby whose origins are unclear and for all anyone knows was kidnapped, etc etc. Hoping SVU doesn’t go the “soap opera” route and have the birthparents show up just as Olivia’s bonded with the baby.

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Posted at 10:20 PM on May 21, 2014  

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Posted at 6:48 PM on May 21, 2014  

I guess they won’t tell us who will be replacing Donal Logue tonight. If they had renewed SVU 2 months ago, they might have been able to keep him. He’ll be in GOTHAM at 8:00 pm on Fox this fall. I think it would be too much for him to run between the 2 shows. I guess they will consider Richard Belzer(if they can get him for the right price) to take over this fall. I’m surprised that NBC left SVU on Wednesdays at 9:00 pm. I kept hearing how Criminal Minds was always beating SVU in that timeslot. I suggested moving SVU to the Friday 9:00 pm timeslot, but they moved The Blacklist there instead. I guess losing out to Criminal Minds isn’t a big deal. Let’s hope NBC keeps that it mind when it comes time to re-sign everyone for a Season 17. Should Mariska Hargitay decide to leave(something about playing Mommy with her 3 kids), there will be enough money to pay her replacement and give everyone else on the show a raise. Stay Tuned

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FSN Global 's Rick Fox

Posted at 6:24 PM on May 21, 2014  

Reblogged this on Global News Now.

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