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Ken Baker: ‘How I Got Skinny’ Author Reveals Top 5 Reality TV Trainwrecks Of 2014

Tue, May 20, 2014 12:42pm EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment
Ken Baker How I Got Skinny
Courtesy of Instagram

Ken Baker is ‘fascinated’ by reality TV, so it’s no surprise he wrote his latest book on it! You can pick up ‘How I Got Skinny, Famous & Fell Madly In Love’ in stores now — right after you read our exclusive interview with the E! News correspondent.

How I Got Skinny, Famous, & Fell Madly In Love is new novel by Ken Baker, all about a young woman whose fame-hungry mother is dying to get her onto a reality TV show. Ken reveals how the book was inspired, before revealing his top five biggest reality TV train wrecks of 2014 (so far)!

Ken Baker’s ‘How I Got Skinny’

“I’m especially fascinated by two things: Reality TV and our cultural obsession with being skinny and looking perfect,” Ken told “My new novel dives right into both of these topics, with Emery, an obese teen coerced into doing a reality show, at the heart of the story.”

It’s clear to Ken (and us) that people are more eager to become “the next Kim Kardashian or Bethenny Frankel” than they are to be the next “Sofia Vergara or Kerry Washington.” So, the book captures just that.

“Emery, in many ways, is based on a composite of many of the reality stars I have interviewed over the years, combined with some high school-age girls who have struggled with weight issues whom I interviewed while researching the book,” he added.

Top 5 Reality TV Train Wrecks Of 2014

“This has been a banner year for reality train wrecks,” Ken says before delivering his list, in no order:

Farrah Abraham

I’ve interviewed Farrah and she was surprisingly articulate and self-aware, so I was pretty shocked to learn she – allegedly – released a sex tape, and did this while also being a young mom. It is just so far beyond most anyone’s notion of what’s normal.

Lindsay Lohan

I’m rooting for Lindsay, but while she signed up for that OWN show to rehab her image, it just made viewers think she needs to go back to rehab.

Tori & Dean

Letting cameras inside their therapy sessions has been the epitome of reality-TV TMI…which is also, I suppose, why people can’t help but watch it.

Juan Pablo Galavis

In a genre with a lot of staged and scripted scenes and lines, you gotta give the guy some credit for at least being honest, but the harsh things he’d say and do to the girls on The Bachelor made him mostly appear like someone you definitely wouldn’t want to bring home to mom and dad.

Rachel Frederickson

She won the Biggest Loser, but, like Emery Jackson in my novel, it seemingly came at the expense of her health and it was just shocking to see such a dramatic weight loss. I’m glad she appears to have gotten to a healthier place since that series finale.

Ken’s picks are definitely on our list too! How could they not be? To Ken, they’re on the list becuase they haven’t yet “entirely solved their problems through psychotherapy,” and they all have “zero filtero” on their words and actions.

“A lot of people simply have a morbid curiosity about seeing others at their lowest point and, though I am not a psychologist, I supposed it makes people feel better about themselves to see someone who’s just an epic disaster. It’s like, ‘Hey, my relationship might be dysfunctional, but at least I’m not married to that guy!'” he adds — so true!

Ken is currently working on “journalism thrillers,” a series of novels about an investigative blogger in Hollywood who “gets dangerously caught up in the stories she’s covering.” We can expect to see that late next year!

Pick up his latest novel, How I Got Skinny, Famous & Fell Madly In Love in stores or online now!

— Emily Longeretta