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Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack: Meet Jeremy, 4, & Fearless Feline Tara

Thu, May 15, 2014 10:03am EDT by Lauren Cox 30 Comments

The little boy who was saved by his family cat is now a superstar. Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, spoke out about how his beloved pet Tara saved his life from a ‘mean’ dog that gave him an ‘owie.’ Too cute!

Roger and Erika Triantafilo were so amazed by their cat Tara, who saved their little boy, Jeremy, they shared the surveillance footage on YouTube. Now, they’ve gone viral!

Boy Saved By Cat: Jeremy Calls Tara His ‘Hero’

Everyone is amazing by the video of a family cat saving a little boy’s life by ramming her tiny little body into the large dog and then chasing him away.

Since the video has gone viral, the little boy in the video, Jeremy, has declared that Tara, his family cat, is his hero.

Boy, 4, Saved By Family Cat During Vicious Dog Attack — Video

“I love Tara a whole lot. She’s a hero,” Jeremy told 23 ABC while lovingly petting Tara, who was sitting next to him at the time of his interview.

Jeremy also told reporters that Tara is 4-years-old, and that she saved him from her “mean dog.”

Boy Saved By Cat: Full Surveillance Video Of Vicious Dog Attack

If you have not seen the wild video, it features Jeremy innocently riding his bicycle in the family driveway when their neighbors dog breaks loose and attacks him from behind. Suddenly, Tara comes out of nowhere and slams her body into the dog which scares him away and ultimately saves Jeremy.

Police Say Neighbors Dog Will Be Euthanized

The incident happened on Tuesday, May 13, and after the dog’s owner called 911 so that Jeremy could be treated for his injuries, his dog was taken to Bakersfield Animal Care Center.

Bakersfield Police Sgt. Joe Grubbs told the news outlet that the dog will be quarantined for 10 days, and then he will be euthanized.

According to the report, the dog escaped the neighbors backyard while his owner was pulling a car out of the gate.

“We aren’t upset with our neighbors, we’re just thankful our son wasn’t injured more… Our cat is my hero!” Erika declared. 

We are just glad that little Jeremy and his adorable cat Tara are both safe and sound after the dog attack. Tara is our hero, too!

— Lauren Cox

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