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Boy, 4, Saved By Family Cat During Vicious Dog Attack — Video

Wed, May 14, 2014 9:33pm EDT by Lauren Cox 47 Comments

This is crazy to watch! A little boy was viciously ripped off of his bicycle by an unsupervised dog who attacked him without being provoked. The little boy was saved by an unsuspecting hero — his family cat!

You HAVE to see this crazy video of a cat attacking a huge dog and saving a little boy’s life. It’s intense!

Little Boy Saved From Dog Attack By Family Cat

Wow. Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, sure is very lucky to be alive today.

WARNING: The video above is both violent and graphic.

In this video, a well-behaved little boy was caught on a surveillance camera as he quietly rode his bicycle in the driveway of his family home on Tuesday, May 12 in Bakersfield, California. He looks peaceful and safer than ever as he rides along next to a parked SUV, presumably belonging to one of his parents.

Interview: Cat Saves Boy From Dog Attack: Meet Jeremy, 4, & Fearless Feline Tara

Suddenly the video cuts to another camera’s view, and a large dog can be seen on the opposite side of the SUV. The dog looks under the car, and then excitedly runs around the front of the vehicle.

The video cuts back to the original view, and you can see the dog sneak up behind the little boy on his bicycle. Then, out of nowhere, the dog bites the little boy’s leg and drags him off of his bicycle, shaking his little body across the driveway.

It’s horrific to watch. But, suddenly, a hero appears.

You can barely see her, but a cat comes out of nowhere and rams into the dog’s body, which causes him to release the boy’s leg from his sharp teeth.

The dog falls over, and then gets up and runs away as the tiny cat continues to chase him. The cat belongs to Jeremy’s family, and her name is Tara. She’s a hero!

Boy Saved By Cat: Full Surveillance Video Of Vicious Dog Attack

As this is happening, the little boy’s mom, Erika, comes to check on him and help him up before they both go running back into the house. Soon after, you can also see the cat run back to the house for safety as well.

Thankfully, the little boy is safe and sound with just a few stitches in his leg.

The dog actually belonged to their neighbor, and, according to the local ABC affiliate, is currently being voluntarily monitored at Bakersfield Animal Control. The dog escaped while his owner was opening the gate to pull his car out of the driveway. 

— Lauren Cox

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