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‘Chicago Fire’: Charlie Barnett Previews ‘Heart Wrenching’ Finale

Tue, May 13, 2014 10:02pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 5 Comments
Chicago Fire Finale
Courtesy of NBC

On May 13, season two of ‘Chicago Fire’ will come to a fiery end — but first got the scoop on Peter Mills’ search for his father and the possibility of Dawson leaving Firehouse 51.

Chicago Fire has kept us on the edge of our seat at the end of every episode — and it sounds like the season two finale will be that way, and even better. Charlie Barnett chatted with exclusively right before the finale!

‘Chicago Fire’ Finale

We’ve got to start the interview by pointing out something very important — during the phone interview, Charlie’s fire alarm at his home went off — but he “knew how to handle that.”

Ok, back to the finale scoop!

“You’re going to have a hardcore heart attack!” Charlie told us about half an hour before the finale of season two on May 13. As if that’s any different than a usual episode! The show in general causes mini anxiety attacks every week! “We’re all excited to see it. We don’t know how it’s going to end up. It’s heart wrenching!”

However, when discussing the future for the firemen at Firehouse 51, he admitted that he’s still waiting to hear what’s next. “We’ll see who makes it!” he told us.

Charlie Barnett Talks Dawson Romance & Watching Her Make Out With Casey

Well jeez! That scares us! However, Charlie did give us a look into Peter Mills’ life — and how he’s grown over the season. Read the rest of the interview below!

On how Peter has changed:
“He’s the balance point in the house. I feel like he’s finally found his own footing. He’s starting to kind of understand who he is a little better.”

On finding his father next season:
“They keep giving me little bits, but I don’t know the whole truth. I’m at a loss of what’s going to happen. We won’t be finding Dad tonight!”

On the possibility of Boden being his father:
“Anything’s an option. That’s life. Personally, I want to steer away from it. I feel like it’s something that’s reached Peter Mills’ mind, but it’s personal and kind of weird. There’s a possibility that maybe he [Boden] wouldn’t know. I know from our writers that it’s definitely not the direction they want to go in.”

“You’re going to get an image of who my father is in this next episode, and that’s the best part of whats to come tonight. I myself get a better picture of him. It definitely will steer you in the different direction than Boden!”

Will Peter get a new love interest?
“I would like him to! Peter Mills is more comfortable in the house and in life. It’s going to take  a lot of time. He’s probably going to be pretty occupied but that’s kind the best time when love hits you, w when you’re in the middle of something, then you know for sure! I’m hoping I find somebody that lasts, that’s all I’m saying!”

Well what about Dawson?
“She went from a love interest to a friend and it’s great because they already had that friendship beforehand. I think Mills, you know, you always kind of want that– especially when it’s up in your face all the time. I gotta see them making out all the time!”

Will a lot change if she leaves 51?
“Heck yeah! She’s a sister to all of us. It will be a big load missing.”

On the ‘Chicago PD’ Crossover:
“I think it helped everybody grow! You see a lot of it tonight that I think is one of my favorite things — you’ll know what I’m talking about when it happens. [The crossover] has made our world twice as big. I’d love to see more of it — more of Chicago and this service life for men and women. I gotta bow down to the producers and casting because they brought a lot of big people together.”

Even though Voight is now part of the family?
“I love it. It demands our fans to find a balance!”

Tune in to NBC at 10 PM EST for the finale of Chicago Fire!

— Emily Longeretta

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