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Solange: Beyonce’s Sister Punches & Kicks Jay Z In An Elevator — Watch

Mon, May 12, 2014 1:30pm EDT by 65 Comments

Family feud! An absolutely shocking new video hit the internet on May 12 revealing a giant physical fight that went down between Jay Z and his wife Beyonce’s sister, Solange, in a hotel elevator at a Met Gala after-party on May 5. Watch the clip below and tell us what YOU think happened to cause Solange to go off on Jay!

All does not appear to be okay with the Knowles family. A ton of questions are arising after a video was released of Solange violently attacking her sister Beyonce‘s husband, Jay Z, in an elevator during a Met Gala after-party at the Standard Hotel in New York City on May 5.

Solange Knowles Attacks Jay Z After Met Gala

Watch Solange & Jay Z Fight Here!

The video, which was caught on tape by the Standard’s surveillance cameras and obtained by TMZ, shows Beyonce, Jay, Solange, and a bodyguard getting into an elevator, and almost immediately you can see Solange get in her brother-in-law’s face. There’s no sound, but Solange’s anger is palpable — and she’s clearly furious with Jay.

Solange Knowles Hits Jay Z With Purse In Full Extended Video — Watch

After a few seconds of yelling, Jay seems to try to calm Solange down, and that’s when she starts swinging at him. She connects a few times with her hands before the bodyguard restrains her, but she continues to go after Jay, wildly kicking at him.

Solange Knowles: You Should Have Never Hit Jay Z

The two continue to yell back and forth — and Beyonce seemingly joins in an apparent attempt to control the situation — but Solange doesn’t let up, and she hits Jay with a few more stray leg-kicks. It also looks as if Solange may have tried to spit on Jay Z. On his part, Jay mostly lets the blows land without retaliating.

Jay Z: Worried Solange Knowles Fight Video Will Tear His Family Apart

Interestingly, you can also see the bodyguard in the video hit the emergency switch on the elevator, presumably to keep the fight private and not have it spill out into the Standard Hotel’s lobby or hallway.

Why Did Solange & Jay Z Fight?

Earlier in the night, Solange took the Met Gala red carpet separately from Jay and Beyonce. Both Knowles sisters looked absolutely stunning, and there was no way anyone could have predicted that a blow-out, physical brawl was going to go down in just a few short hours.

Beyonce Instagrams About Bad ‘Influence’ After Solange & Jay Z Fight

As of yet, there’s still nothing to hint at what caused this insanely violent fight, but clearly Beyonce’s sister and husband have some issues that they need to iron out. There’s also a possibility that this scuffle was business-related. Either way, Solange’s anger and Jay’s shock were painted all over their faces as they were photographed exiting the elevator (see the pic above).

Solange Knowles Attacked Jay Z In Order To Defend Beyonce has reached out to both Solange and Jay’s reps. Stay tuned for more information on this shocking story.

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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