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Girl Hit With Shovel: Fight Between Teenagers Gets Out Of Control

Wed, May 7, 2014 10:22am EDT by 6 Comments
Miranda Fugate Shovel Girl
Courtesy of Vine, YouTube

Since kids these days post EVERYTHING online, two girls recorded their entire, eight-minute fight and put it on YouTube on May 5. But it was a Vine of the climax of the altercation — one girl hitting the other in the back of the head with a shovel — that turned into a viral sensation. And yes, you can watch it below.

Ten years ago, if a teenage girl hit another girl in the head with a shovel, she’d probably end up in juvenile detention. Now, she just becomes a viral star. The latest Vine heard ’round the world, which picked up steam on May 5, is a particularly violent one showing how a fight between two teenagers ended with a bit of garden tool assault.

Girl Hit With Shovel Vine Video Goes Viral

The viral clip shows the tail end of a joust between the two teens, aged around 15, which then escalates into one girl grabbing a shovel and hurling it at her rival’s skull. It’s a seriously violent six seconds, so brace yourself:

‘Shovel Girl’ Dead? — Was Vine Sensation Victim Of Death Hoax?

‘Shovel Girl’ Attacker Being Investigated By Police 

Okay, now here’s the background. The viral clip comes from a longer eight-minute YouTube video of the two girls first elaborately planning, and then breaking out into a brawl. The video showed haphazard slapping, hair-pulling, and even some serious punching. After a long scuffle, which includes the amazing line, “You better quit hittin’ me in the face!” the girls took a break to talk some more smack. And that’s when the one girl grabbed the shovel.

Though the Vine stops right there, the longer video showed a prologue, in which “Girl Hit With Shovel” was shown laying on the ground crying, “I can’t hear! I can’t hear! I beat her ass, though, so it’s okay.”

Shovel Girl Is Doing OK

For all of you people (rightly) worrying about Shovel Girl’s health, don’t fret — she’s doing just peachy. We know because a day after posting the shovel video, the girl, who is apparently named Miranda Fugate, and her two friends (Shovel Swinger is not pictured) posted a selfie Vine in which she declared, “I think I need another shovel.” Watch it here:

Yeah, this is definitely NOT something someone with a severe concussion would post.

Anyways, now you know who Shovel Girl is.

— Andrew Gruttadaro

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